From this background, Matthieu Ricard and I first met up at a conference in Paris held in honor of the brain researcher Francisco Varela from Chile. We are currently working on hours of recorded discussions, which we want to turn into a large book. Pilki rated it really liked it Dec 28, Singer for your time and I wish you much enjoyment and success for your new book with Matthieu Ricard. Hirnforschung Und Meditation: Ein Dialog by Wolf Singer Singer is friends with the Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard who lives in a monastery in Nepal and simultaneously enjoys considerable recognition as a French scientist.

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Shelves: self-mastery , must-have I call this one of my most valued books. The dialogue is structered in that way, that either the neuroscientist Singer or the long-term monk and meditator Ricard share their experiences with meditation and the I call this one of my most valued books. The dialogue is structered in that way, that either the neuroscientist Singer or the long-term monk and meditator Ricard share their experiences with meditation and the other person adds their experiences.

Of course Ricards view is rather based on experience and Singers on indication, deduction and scientific measurements They both see meditation as a process of self-mastery. Whith mediation you evolve a whole set of skills, which is so very basic and useful in everyday life but developed by so few : Sensory Acuity A great deal of sensory sharpness is needed to differenciate between our daily hallucinations, distortions and the simple what-is.

The longer one meditates, the more he masters his ability to perceive ones interior and exterior environment unbiased and with greater sharpness. Many of our world views are built upon assumptions and interpretated might-bes, as well as our own inner conflicts and values. Free Will Many philosophers and average people ponder about the free will, whether it is there or not.

The authors see the free will as a potential skill. But is has to be trained. Free will means to chose our action and that what we are. Emotions Experienced meditators tell about their ability to evoke in themselves any desired state of feeling within a short span of 30 seconds. Can you belief what that means? To live free of any anxieties, hate or boredom?

Also advanced meditators develop a higher senisibility for their internal states, which enables them to release bad thoughts before they become those overwhelming bursts of unwanted emotions. Problem Solving Abilities Yes, meditation enables the person to stay calm in stressing situations and activates those braincells which are connected with problem solving abilities, which means people get to move their asses and actually do something about their life situation.

Their are other discussed skills and topics like focus, memory, compassion to feel what the other person is feeling , drugs and their effect on the brains, meditation for children? Are YOU willing to spend 30 Minutes a day to gain such sound skills and improvements in quality of life? This book is spiritual not religious, which means it pleas for one OWN experience not the ones of priests and popes or other cults. But really, besides this passion to take action, the connections between state-of-the-art science and experience of thousands of people during thousands of years of actual meditation is both exciting and fun to read.

As for myself I do not consider myself as a master of meditation, but one who enjoys a gain in all those above declared skills and a set of OWN experiences and abilities to shape my innter and outer life, through a steady practice of meditation and mental rehersals like imagination. I can really entrust you to that little but blasting book.

I have read this book more thoroughly, marked more words in it than in any other book and even created my own table of contents for a reason.


Hirnforschung Und Meditation: Ein Dialog



Hirnforschung und Meditation : ein Dialog


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Hirnforschung und Meditation ein Dialog




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