The cosmetic styling clearly owes something to the NS10, specifically the black, no-frills hi-fi-style case and white-coned bass driver, but in reality this is a very different product and features a significantly larger woofer. In deference to modern styling, the cabinet corners are slightly radiused, which may help reduce diffraction from the cabinet edges, but this is also likely to be useful in preventing you digging the sharp edges into yourself when moving the speakers. The HS80Ms are designed to be used in both stereo and surround configurations, and an optional subwoofer is available in the form of the HS10W. Two-way Bass-reflex Design Designed for nearfield and project-studio applications, the HS80M, like most small active studio monitors, is a two-way, bass-reflex design, bi-amplified via an active crossover in this case set at 2kHz. The bass port is on the rear panel, which also sports a finned heat sink to cool the power amplifiers. However, the frequency response is measured at dB, not -3dB, which is a bit naughty.

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But for the price of these monitors its well worth the try to see how they work for you. Great neutral and accurate sounds come out of these monitors. My choice for these monitors was persuaded by the price. The curve of frequency response is excellent, the low end thumps!

These monitors will do the job for you without a doubt. These will give you a wow factor that you will need, go to a store and try them out asap. They can be compared to the KRKs and Mackies.

Make sure you have a solid room treatment to go with these monitors though, it will make them sound that much better! The best part about these is they are very accurate and have great precision.

Knowing what I know now I am glad that I purchased these and I would do it again, maybe one day I will give them another shot! Did you find this review helpful? Home studio use, creation, and now they are so mixing property. Couples with an RME Fireface Auralex pice soundproof. The EQ adjustments on the rear panel let diffrentes well adapted to the situations. Especially if you are obligs to place nearly a wall or corner. It is all the same prfrable optimize their investment in order to avoid any correction.

Well located it is perfect. Positioned on stands they correctly restaurants account for the entire sound spectrum. The main default my taste, is the lack of gnac the bottom mdium well as below 60 Hz. Good transient, acute purposes. For stro picture, I still have not figured out how we could have had a bad seats with 2 speakers properly. For the price I do not know where to find better.


Yamaha HS80M




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