In many ways this recipe is the reason I bought the Humphry Slocombe cookbook, why I want to make every recipe in the book, and why I started this blog to document. Getting started. Here is the first step. Some people say that you can make the ice cream after the base sits in the fridge for only an hour, but I generally keep it stored for about a day in the fridge as I think it allows it to cool down significantly more and allows the flavors to develop. When I searched around for recipes prior to the HS book being released, I saw quite a few that essentially just dumped corn flakes into the ice cream toward the end of the process.

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Since opening the shop in , Godby and Vahey have been happy to swing both high and low, from Boccalone Prosciutto ice cream and, this week, last-chance Foie Gras Ice Cream Sandwiches to Red Hot Banana, banana ice cream studded with Red Hots "And yes, we use actual Red Hots--why try to duplicate a thing that is already perfect?

Sponsored But for grown-ups with a certain San Francisco attitude, the book is a scream. The headnotes on many of the recipes are longer than the recipes themselves, which, like those in Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones , are pretty much all variations on the same basic stovetop-custard theme. The only exceptions are the sorbets, of course, and the chocolate ice creams, which use an interesting caramelized-sugar technique for extra smoothness. Without it, the added sweetened condensed milk, along with the sugar in the custard, makes the finished product too sweet.

Photo: Frankie Frankeny Recipe: Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee We are both coffee whores—think three macchiatos every morning, followed by mid-afternoon cappuccinos. Legit ice cream shops must have coffee ice cream. There was never any doubt that we would use Blue Bottle for our coffee ice cream.

For starters, we needed some street cred while we were getting off the ground, and at the point Blue Bottle was one of the only artisan coffee roasters in San Francisco. But even more so, Blue Bottle mastermind James Freeman has been a true friend and a mentor for us. The secret ingredient is the chicory, which gives it a nice sharp edge and makes it all taste a little more like actual coffee. You can find chicory at natural foods stores.

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