Because he did not have an inheritor, orthodox Ninja and Nijutsu essentially ceased to exist in Japan. The article below summarizes the life of the last Ninja. Like Konishi Shindo Munen-ryu Kenjutsu who was the chairperson of the funeral committee, Japanese traditional martial artists lined up for the funeral of the last Ninja. Ninjutsu, which was effectively used in the disturbances of war, is unnecessary and unrealistic to modern people now, although they value Ninja stories on TV, in movies, or novels for the purpose of entertainment. It is perhaps difficult for us to believe in the existence of Ninja, due to the inapplicability of Ninjutsu in our daily life. In order to be a Ninja, one needed to have dedicated a lifetime of practice and had to master many martial arts Fujita was the third generation of Nanban Satto-ryu, a master of Shingetsu-ryu Shurikenjutsu, a master of Daien-ryu Jojutsu, and a master of Ichiden-ryu Hojojutsu.

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This article relies too much on references to primary sources. Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. September This article possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. All important decisions in the municipality were made by a majority vote from the union representatives. This kind of system was uncommon for the period in question. They made light of commands from the Ashikaga shogunate and eventually began to ignore the shogunate altogether.

In , General Ashikaga Yoshihisa brought with him an army to stamp out this rebellion, and a battle between Ashikaga and the Rokkaku forces ensued. The factual accuracy of their escape is debated; it is likely that they gave up the town to avoid a direct confrontation instead. The guerrilla warfare prevented a final showdown, until Ashikaga died in battle in , ending the three-year conflict and sparing the lives of the Rokkaku duo.


Koga Ryu Nin-Jitsu

Do as you do and do it well There is no school of ninjutsu with a proven historical lineage to claim traditional roots. Because of that fact, many people invent lineage and offer to teach "ninjutsu" claiming a lineage that does not exist. I have learned to take all claims to historical ninjutsu with a "grain of salt" except the actual historical documents found in Japanese History Museums written by actual Shinobi-no-Mono Men who Steal-In. For those familiar with the man Fujita Seiko as its a Japanese Name the Family name comes before the Individual name was known as the "last ninja" this due to his claims of having inherited the Koga Ryu Wada-ha Tradition and for having been an instructor teaching Ninjutsu at the famed Nakano Espionage School in Japan during World War II. As Fujita Seiko was known as an expert on ninja, and with stories by American G. Many Japanese "Ninja Masters" began teaching "Ninjutsu" to soldiers willing to pay to learn.


KOKA & IGA-ryu Authentic Ninjutsu Training Program

Through this process, Koga Ninjitsu will continuously adapt to suit the environment, using the guiding principles of Koga Ryu Ninjitsu as the foundation for the natural growth of the techniques and approaches to the martial arts. Once off joining fee - Affordable monthly class fees - Kyu level based instruction - No prior martial arts skill required - Highly qualified instructors - Unarmed and weapons training Koga Ninjitsu recognises that the Koga Ninjitsu members themselves are the dynamics behind the institution, and thus Koga Ninjitsu recognises the needs of the members without sacrificing the values, principles and standards of Koga Ninjitsu. Thus, Koga Ninjitsu has a policy that encourages questions, discussions and comments from its members. Koga Ninjitsu is not affiliated to any other martial art, since this term means that the students of Koga Ninjitsu are also students of the affiliated style. Rather Koga Ninjitsu uses the term "associated", which means that through an association with relevant and appropriate martial arts, there is an exchange of information that supports the guiding principle of natural growth.

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