Feature Technical Specifications No matter what mining job you have to do — the K19 is designed to work as an integral part of your equipment to provide the lowest cost per ton moved. The base warranty includes full coverage on K Series engines and branded components, including electrics such as starters and alternators for unlimited hours during the first year of operation, extending through 2 years or 2, hours whichever comes first. Extended coverage is available with our Encompass protection plans with the flexibility to meet the needs of your mining operation. Cummins Encompass has you covered, around the clock and around the globe.

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Overall Dimensions: Gal x 3. Curtailment and Peak Shaving, contact the local Cummins representative. Fan drive for radiator 0. Aftercooler is located in engine coolant in. Remote cooling engine water pump only. Bearings: Replaceable, precision type, steel backed inserts. Exhaust System: Seven main bearings, mm [5. Connecting rod 1. Exhaust manifold, dry type. Flexible exhaust connection. Camshaft: Single camshaft precisely controls valve and injector Filters: Fleetguard. Lubricating oil: spin-on full flow paper element timing.

Lobes are induction hardened for long life. Seven type and bypass type. Fuel: dual spin-on paper element type. Flywheel: To fit SAE Connecting Rods: Drop forged, I-beam section mm [ Rifle drilled for pressure lubrication of Governors: Electric or hydraulic; for droop or isochronous piston pin.

Rod is tapered on piston pin end to reduce unit operation. Cummins EFC electric fuel control or others. Starting System: Cooling System: Gear driven centrifugal water pump. Large 1. Electric starter 24 volt positive engagement. Compressed air starter. Modulating bypass 3. Battery charging alternator 24 volt, 35 ampere. Spin-on corrosion For other available equipment consult your local Cummins resistor checks rust and corrosion, controls acidity and removes respresentative.

Crankshaft: High tensile strength steel forging with induction hardened fillets and journals. Fully counterweighted and dynamically balanced. Cross bolt support to main bearing cap provides extra strength and Certification: Consult your local Cummins representative.

Cylinder Heads: Alloy cast iron. Each head serves one cylinder. Drilled fuel supply and return lines. Valve seats are replaceable corrosion resistant inserts. Valve guides and cross head guides are replaceable inserts.

Cylinder Liners: Replaceable wet liners dissipate heat faster than dry liners and are easily replaced without reboring the block. Filters: Fleetguard. Spin-on type for fuel, lubricating oil, and coolant, for easy serviceability. Integral dual flyweight governor provides overspeed protection independent of main governor. Camshaft actuated fuel injectors give accurate metering and timing. Fuel lines are internal drilled passages in cylinder heads. Spin-on fuel filter. Gear Train: Timing gears and accessory drive gears are induction hardened helical gears driven from crankshaft and located at front of block.

Lubrication: Large capacity gear pump provides pressure lubrication to all bearings and oil supply for piston cooling. All pressure lines are internal drilled passages in block and heads.

Oil cooler, full flow filter, and bypass filters maintain oil condition and maximize oil and engine life. Pistons: Aluminum alloy, cam ground and barrel shaped to compensate for thermal expansion assures precise fit at operating temperatures.

Anodized piston crown to eliminate crown cracking. Grooved skirt finish provides superior lubrication. Oil cooled for rapid heat dissipation. Two Cummins has always been a pioneer in product improvement.

Thus, specifications may change without notice. Illustrations may Pistons Pins: Full floating, tubular steel retained by 61 mm [2. Turbocharger: Holset turbocharger mounted on right side of engine.

Turbocharging provides more power, improved fuel Cummins Engine Company, Inc. Columbus, IN Valves: Dual 56 mm [2. Wear resistant face on exhaust valves for extended life.





Cummins KTA19-G4


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