Garn One example, German troops came into France with special currency usably only in France. Die dabei zutage tretenden Erkenntnisse zeigen ein interessantes Bild. As long as the people were comfortable they were able to live right on through the holocaust without complaint. During the First World War, the standard of living of the German people suffered, which reduced support for the war. Other than that it makes it easier to understand not the active support that the germans gave to Hitler but the silent consent of the majority.

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Kagalrajas This is an important book to read, not only to understand history correctly, but to see the similarities between developments in Nazi Germany and those happening now in the US, and to remember that when the government starts providing entitlements, somebody has to pay for them. If you are in a hurry, the last three short chapters summarize his point pretty nicely. Nazism also appealed to those opposed to traditional moral conventions, and to those inclined towards anticlericalism and anti-elitism p.

Any qualms were swept away by waves of tax breaks and government handouts. Very interesting and detailed look in the financing of the Nazi state and its implications. La respuesta es simple: The book is about how the Nazis financed the war while simultaneously keeping the folks at home happy and well fed. Buoyed by millions of packages soldiers sent from the front, Germans also benefited from the systematic plunder of Jewish possessions.

Not mentioned is the fact that, in German-occupied Poland, any German could enter a Polish or Jewish shop at any time and take anything at will without paying. Oro, tierras, bienes en general. In particular, just how utterly rapacious the socialist system can be in its rawest form.

As long as the money kept coming in no one was asking from where it came Mar 02, Russell rated it liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. In a very real sense, the ka Jews of Europe were forced to fund their own execution, as well as the larger war effort. Published January 9th by Metropolitan Books first published April 30th The material interests of millions of individuals first had to be brought together with anti-Semitic ideology before the great crime we now know as the Holocaust could take on its genocidal momentum.

Jazi did my family benefit? I had no idea that the Nazis stole as much as they did. German-occupied Poland actually had to pay Germany for being nazo pp. Related Articles.



Dozuru The most sobering element is the degree to which comfortable circumstances for oneself can blunt the desire to ask questions about the effects on others who bear the price of prosperity. Nov 29, Relstuart rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Where did your furniture come from? They were paid a wage in order to forestall resistance back home, but then the earnings were recouped by the Germans in various creative ways pp.


La utopía nazi de Götz Aly

This book, while it is not entertaining, will teach you that the Nazis utopka a left wing group that gained and kept power in Germany for so long because they provided a plethora of social entitlements and then invaded and looted their neighboring countries and plundered their undesirable minorities to pay for them. The book is about how the Nazis financed the war while simultaneously keeping the folks at home happy and well fed. During the First World War, the oa of living of the German people suffered, which reduced support for the war. But how have you or your family benefitted from what happened? Sep 26, Jan Peczkis rated it it was amazing.

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La utopía nazi

This line from the book sums it up - "The Nazi leaderhsip did not transform the majority of Germans into idealogical fanatics.. Instead it succeeded in making them well fed parasites. Turns out a well I picked this up to better understand how and why German citizens were complicit in Nazi genocide. Turns out a well fed and pampered populance will look the other way from the genocide of others when the good days seem like they will never end. With reading books such as this one and one of my other current reads, The Secret War Against The Jews Im really starting to believe it was probably the other way around! Update after finishing the book: Weve traditionally seen the Holocaust as a racial war by Hitlers Europe against its Jewish population; as a program of extermination accompanied by incidental plunder.

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