Arashimi Maasit Maasir-i-Alamgiri has its own importance because it contains complete account of Alamgir period. The E-mail message field is required. Saqi Mustad Khan isbn: Aurangzib upset the administrative and financial system perfected by Akbar. To include a comma in your tag, surround the tag with double quotes. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Nawab Bai from deli in order to send her to her maasirr for bringing back to the right path if any trace of recall tyranny alamgii found in him.

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The work is based upon certain types of documentary evidence, which has been noted by Sir Jadunath Sarkar, who has translated this work in a condensed form, in the Introduction. It is very obvious that the Emperor was always in trouble-a fact which might have made him entirely dependent on the mercy of God. Aurangzib upset the administrative and financial system perfected by Akbar. It profoundly disturbed the plural culture of India, and enfeebled the fabric of Indian civilization.

A redeeming feature of the work is the description of many interesting places in the Indian subcontinent. The condensed translation of this work by Sir Jadunath Sarkar is an evidence of his great capacity for hard work. The translation is remarkably lucid. The reprint of this work in the Bibliotheca Indica series would be beneficial to the students of the history of the later Mughals.

Then came the Emperor Jahangir, who dictated his own memoirs, known as the Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri, and therefore no official Jahangir-mimah had to be written about him.

By an order issued in the 24th year of his reign , Akbar appointed in I each province of his empire a uniform set of officers, one of whom — was the Waqai-navis or Recorder of Events. Akbar-mimah, Bev. Jahangir continued the system. As he writes, "It had been made a rule that the events of the subahs should be reported according to the boundaries of each, and news-writers from the Court had been appointed for this duty.

This being the rule that my revered father had laid down, I also observe it, The different classes of these news-reporters and their method of work are fully described in my book, Mughal Administration, Ch. When this State intelligence-department was fully developed with the expansion of the Mughal Empire under Shah Jahan and Aurangzib, , a huge collection of reports, written on small slips of paper and transmitted to the capital in bamboo cylinders nalo at regular weekly or fortnightly intervals,—came to be formed in the archives at the capital.

These were written daily,-sometimes twice a day, when as usual there were morning levees and evening Courts held by His Majesty.

On this accumulated mass of accurate, detailed, and absolutely contemporary records of occurrences, some Persian author, known for his mastery of polished courtierly prose, was selected by the Emperor to work and write the Namah or official annals of his reign. The Emperor, after one or two trial hearings, delegated the work of revision to his wazir. However, the survival of the akhbarat for that particular day has enabled me to correct the wrong date entered in the Namah.

Inn these official histories, no fact has been really falsified, though credit is often given to the Emperor where he did not deserve it. We shall have more patience with the courtly author and derive greater profit from his book if we remember that he is only following the facon de parler prevalent in Asiatic courts.

And why Asiatic only? Printed in the Bibliotheca Indica series by the R. But after the author had completed the first decade, the Emperor forbade him to continue it any further. He now found himself too much involved with the tribes on the Afghan frontier and was soon afterwards too hard pressed by the Rajputs and the Marathas, to allow him to spend any thought or money on such non-utilitarian purposes as the compilation of a florid and verbose chronicle of his reign.

And his circumstances did not improve up to the end of his life. Thus it happened that no complete history of his reign came to be officially composed while he lived. Sample Page.


Maasir-i-Alamgiri a History of Emperor Aurangzeb by Jadunath Sarkar

The source of that time has to be tested and examine critically. After exploring the sources and when the understanding level of your mind reached its peak then the text or analysis written by the author is valuable. Other than this, a writer who has no prior knowledge of that era or event and if he researches then it would be obsolete or gives a picture which is not close to reality and is imaginative thought of the writer. How would we analyze that any specific book or source was inaccurate? This gives you the evidence that whether the source is correct or inaccurate.



I really like this website! Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, Please enter your name. Advanced Search Find a Library. Alamgjri highly recommend others to use this site. Rebellions or disturbance created by Raja ram, the uprising of infidels under river Krishna which was crushed by Asad Khan and Muhammad Karn Bukhsh was to Jinja to suppress rebellious and gave the severe punishment to them. There was the trend set by Akbar of giving an official record of history which was followed by their all descendants.

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