Setting and story summary Don Giovanni is set in and around Seville now Sevilla , Spain , in the 17th century. Suddenly, Giovanni and Donna Anna rush out of the palace. They are struggling. Her father appears, brandishing a sword , and challenges Giovanni to a duel; Anna runs to get help. Giovanni, at first reluctant, accepts the challenge and proceeds to kill the old man, whereupon he and Leporello escape.

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Donna Elvira comes to her window Trio: "Ah taci, ingiusto core" — "Ah, be quiet unjust heart". From his hiding place Don Giovanni sings a promise of repentance, expressing a desire to return to her and threatening to kill himself if she does not take him back, while Leporello poses as Don Giovanni and tries to keep from laughing. Donna Elvira is convinced and descends to the street. Leporello, continuing to pose as Don Giovanni, leads her away to keep her occupied while Don Giovanni serenades her maid with his mandolin.

Before Don Giovanni can complete his seduction of the maid, Masetto and his friends arrive, looking for Don Giovanni in order to kill him. Don Giovanni poses as Leporello whose clothes he is still wearing and joins the posse, pretending that he also hates Don Giovanni. Scene 2 — A dark courtyard Leporello abandons Donna Elvira. Sextet: "Sola, sola in buio loco" — "All alone in this dark place". As he tries to escape, he bumps into Don Ottavio and Donna Anna.

Zerlina and Masetto also enter the scene. Everyone mistakes Leporello for Don Giovanni, whose clothes he is still wearing. They surround Leporello and threaten to kill him. Donna Elvira tries to protect the man who she thinks is Don Giovanni, claiming that he is her husband and begging the others to spare him. He swears vengeance " Il mio tesoro " — "My treasure" — though in the Vienna version this was cut. See media help. In the Vienna production of the opera, Zerlina follows Leporello and recaptures him.

Threatening him with a razor, she ties him to a stool. He attempts to sweet-talk her out of hurting him. Duet: "Per queste tue manine" — "For these hands of yours". Zerlina goes to find Masetto and the others; Leporello escapes again before she returns. This scene, marked by low comedy, is rarely performed today.

Also in the Vienna production, Donna Elvira is still furious at Don Giovanni for betraying her, but she also feels sorry for him. Don Giovanni wanders into a graveyard. Leporello happens along and the two are reunited. The voice of the statue interrupts and warns Don Giovanni that his laughter will not last beyond sunrise.

The servant trembles, but Don Giovanni scornfully orders him to invite the statue to dinner, and threatens to kill him if he does not.

Leporello makes several attempts to invite the statue to dinner but is too frightened to complete the invitation Duet: "O, statua gentilissima" — "Oh most noble statue". Don Giovanni invites the statue to dinner himself. Much to his surprise, the statue nods its head and responds affirmatively. He accuses her of being cruel, and she assures him that she loves him, and is faithful "Non mi dir" — "Tell me not".

Donna Elvira enters, saying that she no longer feels resentment against Don Giovanni, only pity for him. Don Giovanni, surprised, asks what she wants, and she begs him to change his life. Hurt and angry, Donna Elvira gives up and leaves. Offstage, she screams in sudden terror.

Don Giovanni orders Leporello to see what has upset her; when he does, he also cries out, and runs back into the room, stammering that the statue has appeared as promised. An ominous knocking sounds at the door.

Leporello, paralyzed by fear, cannot answer it, so Don Giovanni opens it himself, revealing the statue of the Commendatore. With the rhythmic chords of the overture, now reharmonized with diabolic diminished sevenths accompanying the Commendatore "Don Giovanni!

You invited me to dine with you" , the statue offers a last chance to repent, but Don Giovanni adamantly refuses. The statue disappears and Don Giovanni cries out in pain and terror as he is surrounded by a chorus of demons, who carry him down to Hell. Leporello, watching from under the table, also cries out in fear. They find instead Leporello hiding under the table, shaken by the supernatural horror he has witnessed. He assures them that no one will ever see Don Giovanni again.

As mentioned above, the final ensemble was customarily omitted from productions for over a century beginning with the original run in Prague, but it started to be performed again frequently in the 20th century and now is usually included in productions of the opera.

The return to D major and the innocent simplicity of the last few bars conclude the opera.


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