Tasar MultEQ applies processing to over specific frequencies in the audio spectrum, correcting the sound to perfectly match your listening environment with incredible precision. Enjoy the ultimate in music reproduction, with technology that analyses and corrects acoustical problems inherent to the car. Seat and dashboard ipmrint change certain frequencies. It analyses the acoustic characteristics of your car interior, and then creates a set of equalisation filters to correct for frequency response and time delay problems for each speaker in your car. In addition, since the speakers are located at different distances from the listeners, the sound stage created in the car is unbalanced and asymmetrical.

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Posts: 44 Thanked: 0 Times First of all my sincere apologies to everyone for such a delayed response.. Got stuck up with my university exams! And yup i did go through the article before placing the order. Got the sound processor pxa-h and the tuning kit ktx-h a couple of days back.. Firstly i must say that the instruction manuals suck an they hardly provide you required information. The RCA plugs need to be connected to the processor while a data cable transmits the signals from the head unit to the processor.

Since the rear channels were previously powered by the head unit , i had to go for a mono block JBL GT0 to free up a pair of RCAs for my rear speakers. Took it to a bunch of installers and everyone was unaware about the connections.. SO i took things into my own hands and with a little help from my cousin , connected everything , installed the tuning software on the laptop , connected the mic and started the tuning process.. I am not too sure about the technical aspects but could see from the graph generated before vs after that it smoothens out the output one into a more linear wave which i was told is a feature of good sound..

After tuning for all the 6 locations , saved the data onto the processor , plugged out the mic and the usb cable and fired my system to "enjoy the fruits of your hard labour" thats wat the last line in the manual says! Then tried plugging the RCAs back to the head unit while it was still connected to the processor.. It sounded like crap! The freaking volume maxes out right from the first level! All this after spending close to 6 hours driving from one shop to another etc Was too tired and thought i must have done something wrong while tuning.

Got up real early the next morning. Got the mic fixed to the tripod and repeated the same process.. Having spent some hard earned money me being a student , i persisted.. Did the tuning and it again took me a couple of hours.. Saved the settings but again no volume! Got back home disappointed and after several hours of googling , i came across an article which says that the internal amplifier of the head unit must be turned off.

And turning it off aint an easy thing! Had to remove the panel out of the dashboard and then ya gotta slide a couple of switches localed under the head unit.. Can you believe that it is not mentioned in the official Alpine manual? Was too tired by then already so just tuned it for the drivers seat and trust me it sounds sweet!

Am yet to tuned it for all the locations but trust me , there is clearly a perceivable difference in the way my system sounds that too only after getting it tuned for a single listening location.

I will tune it for the entire car and post a detailed review about the same. But the number of manual tuning capabilities increase once the processor is connected. Additionally ya get Time alignment , parametric and graphic eqs and a whole lot of other options too!

I shall post a detailed review real soon.. Apologies for the real long post! OT: Can someone help me with like a n00bs guide for tuning..

The whole parametric eqs , Xovers are kinda new to me.. So it would be of great help to me incase someone can help me with the same.. Thanx a zillion.


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