Autonomous Vehicle Digital Mobility We have entered a new era. The challenges of rapid urbanization across the world coupled with environmental issues are creating new forms of mobility. New technologies are providing solutions that are reshaping our cities, our lifestyles and the way we travel. Always a pioneer and tech leader, Valeo has been able to anticipate the changes redefining the auto world.

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A powerful tool to solve problems, the QRQC is particularly deployed in the automotive sector. Its interest is to energize the quality culture, to increase the involvement of the staff and the responsiveness of the suppliers in Problem Solving. The principle The principle is based on the establishment of effective and rapid communication within the entire value chain to quickly and effectively cover all quality problems and guarantee customer Satisfaction.

The implementation of such a methodology should allow: To be able to respond effectively to the customer in 24h for a first analysis. To have a relevant response based on clear analyses and accompanied by a five-day action plan. To have a specific case analysis according to the methods FTA and 5 Why In case of a customer complaint or a recurring quality problem within 5 days. To have teams and management centered on the Gemba. To have actions on the Gemba followed by the management of the plant.

Set up an immediate response action plan at the production level and realize it. This action plan will be followed every five minutes. Raise quality problems that cannot be solved quickly by the line. Facilitate communication between teams Stop production at the onset of a problem and according to the rules of reaction defined beforehand. Attention, this QRQC does not in any way treat the problems qualities that are already at the customer.

At the detection of the defect, the operators stop the production line, following the defined rules, and begins the analysis. The team leader takes care of the problem and makes sure to solve it on the field usually 5 mn: Remember that the challenge is to energize the quality process. Putting 6 hr would not make sense : At its resolution, the team leader completes the QRQC table and transmits the data to the next team, as well as to the production manager for updating the indicators.


Le QRQC - Quick Response Quality Control



Le QRQC pour traquer les défauts en temps réel



Quick Response Quality Control


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