Updated to 1. Have adjusted points costs for all models affected. Daemon Princes are MI, have W5, cost pts. Chaos Warriors cost 16 pts by default without shields. Shields cost 1 pt, two-handed weapons cost 3 pts. Chaos Chosen cost 18 pts by default without shields.

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You just need to tell me where to send them Send me some stories for free Ravening Hordes Long conversation with my friend who lives in remote old Suffolk — right over on the East of it.

She, like me, has been amazed and repelled by some of the views expressed by country people on the subject of those dastardly upstarts who have the audacity to be foreign, possibly of a different colour, and — mostly — working over here. The question of immigrants came up. This woman informed my friend that we were in danger of having hordes of them arriving — to add to the hordes we already have here.

My friend looked about her at the little Suffolk town in which she, and this woman, dwell. Absolutely loopy. My friend has lived in this small Suffolk town for many years. She has yet to meet anyone of colour — apart from those of us who visit her with our foreign sun-induced suntans — the darker the better for us white skinned Brits.

My friend has heard the odd foreign accent over the years, largely coming from the mouths of young people from abroad who have taken the jobs that the locals disdain — fruit picking, vegetable digging, chicken farming — without these dastardly foreigners the economy of growing things in that neck of the wood would crumble. Or possibly you would if you looked at their work-worn hands. This bigotry is extraordinarily Bonkers. It was the same in Wiltshire. Apart from so many of the people surrounding me who should have known better — rich, educated people who mostly also had homes in London, a city that would die on its feet without the labour of incomers — apart from them using very offensive language like Pakis and Dagos — there were those who were simply terrified of the idea of immigrants.

They had never seen one apart from on the telly or within the pages of that Bastion of Truth, the Daily Mail, but still they trembled at the prospect. I started a book group in Wiltshire — for both men and women and anyone who loved reading — two of our number are recognisably immigrants — one is a hugely high-powered individual who invents IT systems that earn him thousands and thousands, and who travels the world on the invitation of high-powered executives who wish to learn and to purchase same.

The offer from a man who could wipe the floor with half of Apple in his superior knowledge and whose services cost international companies a fortune. But would she have him in her home? Certainly not. My book group member, this frightening man, has lived with his wife and delightful daughters in a small Wiltshire village for twenty five years and he has been invited into one home. How disgraceful is that? But there is a very good reason for this. Upstart with a big house, big cars, far too much money and a dark skin.

Send him home — but keep the huge sums in taxes that he pays. And our other member is married to a farmer — a local man — and she is more highly educated, more useful to society, than all those wimpish, trembling creatures who dwell near her and may well string garlic round their necks and carry crucifixes on approach for all I know. Shock horror, a white farmer, a man of the land for generations, marrying a black woman — in Wiltshire.

And that is it in terms of people of colour coming over here in their hordes. Oh — apart from the family who run the takeaway curry place which is very well attended despite the innate disapproval of some of its patrons odd conflict of ideas there — and the Indian family who run the excellent hardware store and have done for years and whose English language is considerably better than many of their customers.

Hordes, you see. I left Wiltshire because I could no longer have conversations easily with the people who lived nearby.

They looked normal but every time I sat down with any of them somewhere along the line something offensive would be said and I would wonder if there was any point in my arguing the matter — well — no — none whatsoever.

It cut no ice. No point. To my count there are a handful of immigrants in my ex-locale in Wiltshire. None that she can spot. Cor — better get those ramparts built — probably by employing yes — a ravening horde of immigrants.


You just need to tell me where to send them

I guess I just do not like having rules scattered over 13 volumes and 10 or so rvening. Get to Know Us. This is the place. Silver Wolf 29 June at Many of the books have varying levels of power, and special rules become ever more problematic as they get spread across years of rules writing. League Rules Check here for the most up to date rules on the current league. Lucas Zocco 15 September at KenofYork—do you dislike the current series of army codexes, or are you just not a fan of the various army books and their special rules, etc.



Newer Post Older Post Home. That will gordes happen actually. More runes from previous editions are likely to be added in the full book release. Why use mounts when you can use a zeppelin or a deathroller? Longbeards no longer Immune to Psychology, Immune to Panic instead. Mathias Eliasson 3 July at Great work so far! Ironbreakers had Ld9 in previous editions as well.


Ravening Hordes





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