Test acceptance criteria Performance measure requirements Test plan appendices include test procedures and its estimated number, naming convention description and test procedure format. Exit Criteria: This phase concludes with the formulation of the automation approach as well as defining all activities related to project execution in a test plan document. Automation Test Design Objective: The objective of this phase is to address the number of tests to be performed, the final approach paths, functions , and the test conditions. Test design standards need to be defined and followed.

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QTP is a Functional testing tool, which is best suited for regression testing of the applications. It compares the actual and the expected result and reports the results in the execution summary. Versions Astra Quick Test v1. Easy to use, ease of navigation, results validation, and Report generation. Can also be used for Mobile Application Testing. Since it is an HP product, full support is provided by HP and by its forums for addressing technical issues.

Not all versions of Browsers are supported and the testers need to wait for the patch to be released for each one of the major versions. Having said, that it is a commercial tool, the licensing cost is very high. Each one of the stages corresponds to a particular activity and each phase has a definite outcome. Not all applications can be automated due to its limitations. It depends on the technology in which the application is built, its features and usage. There are various kinds of frameworks and each framework has its own significance.

We will deal with frameworks in detail later in this tutorial. It is performed with an end-to-end scenario, which ensures that the major functionalities can be automated. Framework should be built after diligent analysis of the technology used by the application and also its key features. The Test Scripts are usually version controlled. Only the current version, which is Unified functional testing Following is the URL from where the trial version can be downloaded.

Fill in the Personal details and click Next. Now, click the "Download" button. Now you need to unzip the archive and the folder contents would be as shown below and execute the Setup.

For Example, if your application is based on. NET then you should ensure that you select. After the completion of installation, you will end up with a Finish button Window. Now, click Close. You can click Continue as we have installed the trial license. Record and Playback can give us the first impression of the tool, whether it can support the technology or not, if the initial settings are done correctly.

Select "GUI Test", give a name for the test and the location where it needs to be saved. Now, click the "Action1" tab, which is created with 1 action by default.

Click the "Numbers" link under "Algebra" and key in a number and hit "Calculate". After completion of the action, click the "Stop" button in the record panel. The Script replays and the result is displayed. Used to create a test a basic functionality of an application or feature that does not require long-term maintenance.

It can be used for recording both mouse movements and keyboard inputs. It just records the co-ordinates, hence does NOT record mouse movements. How to Choose Recording Modes After clicking the Recording button, the user can choose the recording mode from the recording pane that appears on the screen, once the recording starts.

The selection can be made from any of the ones that has been discussed above. You will see that the following scenario is recorded in all the modes and the same action has been recorded under various circumstances.


Test Automation and Qtp

Summary Of The Book Test automation involves the use of special software to test an application or software module, to check if it works properly, before it is fully implemented. Test automation tools can simulate a virtual working environment for the software being tested, so that its actual working can be tested without any bugs affecting other software solutions already in place. Test automation tools also automate repetitive tasks that previously had to be done manually. They can test the code to see if it is working correctly, and the user interface can also be tested to check if the application behaves as it should in response to user generated events. There are many test automation tools available in the market and Quick Test Professional QTP from Hewlett Packard is one of the most popular test automation suites.


QTP - Automated Testing Process


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