His mother died in , and in he emigrated with his father and siblings to the United States. He worked with Lucille Wilcox Joullin during his stay in Chicago. Vanderpoel also created murals, including one on the ceiling of a theater at DePaul University and a sixty-foot painting at a Los Angeles hotel. He was an influential teacher who adhered to the beaux-arts tradition while denouncing modernism. His book The Human Figure, published in , featured many of his pencil and charcoal drawings, and became a standard textbook for art school students. He analyzed and recorded the human figure both in mass and detail; in good taste and discriminating judgment, with a closeness to nature that has never been equaled.

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Shelves: art A great book with tremendous insight into figure drawing - in particular to the shading of body masses. Each component of the human body is broken down and explained. The only thing keeping it from five stars was the fact I would have liked to have seen more drawings than the ones presented. Great for life study technique. Jul 12, Nemo Nemo rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Anyone studying art or those who want to strengthen their skills in pencil drawing. A transformative manual in the art of pencil drawing.

The early renditions of the plates are far superior. Nov 25, Satangan rated it really liked it I came across this book in my local public joint-use library, located in the art section.

I was looking for a book to help me draw, get used to the body and how it should look. I got a whole lot more than I expected when I started reading this book. I did not expect a full break down of the human figure when I checked out this book. A really good book that goes into detail about the human figure, its anatomy, and the breakdown of drawing each part from the face and head to the feet and toes. It I came across this book in my local public joint-use library, located in the art section.

It may feel like you are reading any other textbook, but this book is really informative and helpful in understanding how the human figure should be drawn. Along, the edges of the text and on pages throughout the book as you read. There are great perspective and POV examples that helps along with understanding the reading.

While reading, I was happy to come across page 81 because of the drawing was the exact image used for the cover of this book. This is a great book for those who are learning about drawing and especially about drawing the human figure and its body parts. It may provide insight for those who are good at drawing the human figure or aid them more into learning how to improve more.

Poses are of the dramatic or artistic variety and not oriented towards action. People who find this useful may find the various Andrew Loomis books worthwhile as well.

Loomis tends towards more idealized figures and some of his books focus on action.


The human figure



The Human Figure


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