The bibliography proves that author Adam Gorightly has also certainly done his Helter Skelter research. The original pressing was around pages and the new edition is just under pages. I am not sure whether or not things have been cutout or what. Either way, after reading the book it feels like nothing has been "left out.

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Why did you feel there was a need for another Manson book? They both have their shortcomings, but I owe a lot to the work of both Sanders and Bugliosi. I tried to create a hip, conversational style for the book, oozing with dark psychedelia, which some love and others hate.

Whatever the case, this approach was obviously influenced, to a great degree, by Mr. So I began my research basically as a means to find out if there were any truth to these conspiracy theories, which I found immensely intriguing, such as: was the Manson Family the product of an MK-ULTRA government sponsored mind control experiment? Such conspiracy theories as this and others are what initially prompted me to look into the case.

From that point the book took on a life of its own, 3 years and nearly pages later! I tried to approach the whole thing with an open mind. What I did was just take all the available information on hand regarding the case, then tried to connect a few dots. Then from connecting these dots I presented various theories, then let the reader decide if they had any value.

In fact, Charlie and Sara Jane Moore were childhood friends. These were just many of the strange coincidences, synchronicities, or, dare I say it, conspiracies that I happened upon during the course of my research. Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide! My project actually started out quite simple, then got out of control.

I originally envisioned a small volume dedicated to Manson Family conspiracies. The artwork was done by Ashleigh Talbot, who read the book and then came up with her great cover. To learn more about Madame Talbot set your web browser to www. Your book quotes Manson as saying that his musical career was never of great importance to him. However, I suspect he used many of his songs to indoctrinate his followers.

At first glance, this song is like many another hippy dippy anthem from the period, but if you look at it more closely you can see the subtle programming Charlie used on his girls.

He would first separate them from their old lives and families, and then he would become their new father and bring them into his Family. Music was a means that Charlie used to build a bond within his Family. Manson Family members always adopted new names, and practiced a form of ego loss through LSD experimentation, role playing and group sex. Through these different practices Manson was able to strip his disciples of their identities, and then build new identities.

In this way, some would argue, Charlie created his own army of killers. First with peace and love, then later with buck knives and bad vibes. Adam Gorightly: Yes, he was envious. But former Family member Paul Watkins certainly felt that Charlie had plans of influencing the counterculture with his music on a widespread level. Certainly Manson must have entertained these thoughts. You are expecting some dark, heavy music and what you hear is basically a folkie.

And while his lyrics could be interesting, he was nowhere close to being Dylan. I just think that Charlie lacked the discipline necessary for the recording studio - I mean, bringing 20 family members in is not conducive to recording, plus Charlie refused to do overdubs. But, do you think that IF he could have got it together, listened to the sound engineer and gotten a decent recording that Charlie would have been a hit? Adam Gorightly: Sure, Charlie could have been successful.

Adam Gorightly: Manson did try calling the Beatles a few times, but they never accepted his call. Terry Melcher who Manson claims made promises to him about his musical career once lived at Cielo Drive although Charlie knew that Terry had long since moved out.

Susan Atkins once claimed, "The reason Charlie picked the house was to instill fear into Terry Melcher because Terry had given his word on a few things and never came through with them.

Just coincidence? Your guess is as good as mine. It depends on how you want to connect the dots. Messy, yes, but random, probably not. How much of it had to do with the music industry is another story.

It could have just as easily been over a drug burn. Maybe all of these things and more come into play. Or maybe it was just a bunch of crazy fucks with knives.

You have added the "conspiracy" angle. Your book quotes Mae Brussell as saying; "The so-called Manson murders were actually orchestrated by military intelligence in order to destroy the counterculture movement. However, there was one fact that you brought up in your book that makes me consider the "conspiracy" theory: if Manson was a parole violator, why was no action taken for so long?

Especially with the rapes, underage girls and drugs. How much of the conspiracy angle do you believe? Adam Gorightly: How much I believe in any one thing is constantly subject to change. I certainly give some weight to the conspiracy theory angle, but "belief" is loaded word. When some one believes in any given concept percent, then they immediately eliminate from their minds an infinite number of other possibilities. Life is more interesting this way. He once said, "I know why Manson did what he did.

Do you think his death was a simply drowning? Too many unanswered questions, which only leads to speculation. What do you think they spent this on? Was it front money for drugs? This of course brings in the drug angle motive. Adam Gorightly: I would assume it was used as front money for drugs. That makes the most sense to me.

Did she read about it in the newspaper or was there more to the story? But this is purely speculation on my part. It seems to me that it would have shown up with the advent of the internet if it really existed. Also, do you think Frykowski actually sexually assaulted Billy Doyle? Adam Gorightly: One would think if there was actually all this celebrity porn associated with the Manson Family out there, that it would have shown up by now.

Of course, it may have been destroyed to hide an association with the Manson family to the Hollywood beautiful people scene. But on the chance that somebody out there has any of this celebrity porn you can contact me at gorightly hotmail. Now he claims to have seen Katie as she chased Abigail on the lawn where she was finally taken down. My question is what happened after Tex, Sadie, Katie and Linda left? What do you think happened between the time the murderers arrived back at Spahn and dawn the next morning?

Adam Gorightly: Charlie has said that he went back to the scene of the crime, although he later denied it. Who went with him we can only guess, but I think he must have had at least one accomplice. As for Garretson, his story stinks to high heaven. Apparently, Murphy is a major Manson freak and quite knowledgeable about the subject, and was working on getting Johnny Depp in the lead role, as Manson.

With so many people involved and varying stories, do you think the ultimate truth of WHY the murders were committed will ever be answered? We have some pieces of the puzzle that seem to form a bigger picture, but still there are some important pieces missing, in both the Manson story and the JFK assassination. By the time we ever totally figure any of this stuff out, it will probably be too late anyhow--all the principles will be dead. The perpetrators of the Kennedy assassination seem to have been doing a good job covering their tracks.

Conspiracies can and do happen.


Adam Gorightly - The Shadow Over Santa Susana



The shadow over Santa Susana : black magic, mind control and the Manson family mythos


AR 635-5 PDF

The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control and the "Manson Family" Mythos


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