Your number one destination for 10mm Wargaming News, Reviews Facebook 9 Dec Warmaster Rules Warmaster is a set of fantasy miniatures wargame rules developed by the same company as produced Warhammer, Warhammer 40, and Lord of the Rings miniatures rules. This is not a complete game; players are required to independently purchase miniatures and construct a playing surface wargames terrain. In Warmaster, combat and casualty calculations occur at the stand level. That is, for every stand in a unit, a number of dice are rolled in combat. As whole stands are removed by sustaining casualties, the number of dice similarly decreases. The command mechanism in Warmaster is simple but evocative.

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We have a campaign system for Warmaster called By The Sword, which takes place on the fantasy world of Marnon. Click the image above for more details and the rules, map, cards, etc. After quite an extensive search we settled on the Warmaster Ancients series of rules as we had a lot of fun as well as experience with the fantasy version for several years.

We initially started out small, with only Egyptians and Assyrians, but we have quickly branched out to include forces for Hittites, Successors, Indians, and Vikings. Some of these will probably include early Greeks, Byzantines, Sassanids, plus Samurai. We usually play this system at least several times a year, plus we have an annual tournament as well. WMA is quick to set up, plays very fast, and is a lot of fun, so we usually use this for those nights where we need to come up with something quickly.

WM Tournament At the end of each year, usually during the holiday season, the club has an annual, one day Warmaster Ancients tournament. Each participant is given a points total plus three territories from the campaign system in the Warmaster Armies book. Each player then has three battles that take around 90 minutes each and the results are tallied, with casualty poiints determining the winner in case of ties. There is also a special "Master of Mayhem" award given out to whoever causes the most casualties.

The tournament is a lot of fun, you get to see a wide variety of armies against each other, and there are some unique strategies in choosing units from the lists.


Warmaster Renaissance Armies

Your number one destination for 10mm Wargaming News, Reviews Facebook 9 Dec Warmaster Ancient Rules Warmaster Ancients is an exciting new tabletop wargame from Warhammer Historical in which players can recreate the largest and most spectacular battles of the ancient world. Take command of huge armies as you send hordes of Vikings into the frenzy of battle or commit whole Roman Legions to heroic victory or ignoble defeat! The game easily accommodates smaller 6mm armies, and an appendix is provided for players who wish to use larger models. This book contains all of the rules and information that players will need to field and fight their battles. It includes 30 new armies for the Warmaster Ancients game, a comprehensive section on fighting sieges, and a section of special rules additions for fighting medieval battles. Warmaster Ancient Armies This page book expands on Warmaster Ancients, adding rules for 20 new armies and rules for campaigns, along with some additional rules and many clarifications to the base rules. Also included are several pages of photos of beautifully painted armies.


10mm Ancients & Medieval

Rules[ edit ] The rules are written for individually based figures and this approach was in marked contrast to the element based rulesets current amongst ancient historical wargames when the rules were first published. The revision aimed to encourage linear battle formations and to make flank attacks easier. Hence, the influence of characters has been reduced. A range of supplementary books has been released to provide more army lists, each focusing on a particular period and place. Armies of Antiquity.


Releases[ edit ] The original version, the fantasy ruleset Warmaster, was first released in Once a part of the Specialist Games division, Warmaster was then directly supported by Games Workshop itself, albeit at a reduced level. In Games Workshop stopped producing the miniatures and started to remove them from their webstore as stocks ran out. A freely downloadable "Living Rulebook", along with supplements and archived magazine articles, are available through the fan-administered site Specialist Games.

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