Page Shortcut Operations Shortcut Operations Squelch leVel Setup hypeR MeMoRy chAnnel This function is used to setup the strength of receiving signal, when the In standby, press the left or right volume knob will switch the radio work strength reach a certain level, the calling can be heard, otherwise, the on hyper channel 1 or hyper channel 2. In channel mode, turn the selector knob to choose the channel. Press key to exit scan. Hold key until the transceiver prompt a Du and channel number display flashes. Only in frequency VFO mode, this function is valid.

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AT mobile radio especially designs for drivers and it pursues company philosophy of innovation and practicality. Page 3 If an abnormal odor or smoke is detected coming from the transceiver, turn OFF the power immediately. Contact an Anytone service station or your dealer. Do not transmit with high output power for extended periods; the transceiver may overheat. This amateur mobile radio especially designs for drivers and it pursues company philosophy of innovation and practicality.

More functions as follows: Display on a large LCD with adjustable brightness, convenient for nighttime use.

We suggest you keep the box and packaging. To install the transceiver, select a safe, convenient location inside your vehicle that minimizes danger to your passengers and yourself while the vehicle is in motion. Mobile Operation Black The vehicle battery must have a nominal rating of 12V. Never connect the transceiver to a 24V battery. Page 10 Initial Installation Use the supplied DC power cable to connect the transceiver to a To turn on the unit, press the power switch manually while it is regulated power supply.

After the problem is resolved, replace the fuse. If newly installed fuses continue to blow, disconnect the power cable and contact your autho- rized dealer or an authorized servi- The range of displayed voltage is only from 7V to16V DC, because the cecenter for assistance.

Page Accessories Connections Initial Installation Accessories Connections Microphone For voice communications, connect a microphone equipped with External Speaker an 8-pin modular plug into the modular socket on the front of the If you plan to use an external speaker, choose a speaker with an the supplied microphone hanger in an appropriate location using the mono 2-conductor plug. KEY Squelch level. In channel mode. Indicates the channel number in channel mode.

Decimal point Channel skip. Indicates the decimal point of frequency and the Decimal point scanning function. Indicates the frequency or memory name. Signal is being received or monitor. KEY Increase frequency ,channel number or setting value. DOWN Decrease frequency, channel number or setting value.

There This mode shows only frequency are also 2 levels operation menu to set functions as you need. It is easy on the display. Page Basic Operations Basic Operations frequency in screen will be auto-hidden. Press any key except key to exit. Squelch Off: Press key to disable squelch ,press Channel Scan The difference between keys except key are invalid.

Total group, The display scrolls when the 7th digit is entered. The signalling edition must be done through programming Press to select the desired function option. Press and hold key for over 2s to enter general setting menu. Press key to choose No. Turn selector knob to select the desired Turn selector knob to select the desired setting. If the transceiver has set at higher squelch level,it may fail to hear Press the calling. If set at lower squelch level,the radio will be interfered.

The enter general setting menu. Press [ ] key to select the This function can be temporarily used in channel mode. When you in your group in case the repeater is not activated or when you are out of reach the time limit which has been programmed by your dealer, your the repeater range.


AnyTone Dual Band Mobile

The 2 tone decoder works exceptionally well for Fire Band decoding. I like the dual set of controls, like having two radios in one. One of my Wouxun mobile radios is too confusing while underway as to which radio I am controlling. I like the quality also of the Anytone radios. Thinking of buying a second one of these for the other mobile!! First off, great customer service! Radio is of fairly decent build quality.


AnyTone 5888UV III User Manual



AnyTone AT-588 User Manual



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