To reward fatwa, it is important to understand the philosophical stance of the poet. Muhammad Aleem Arif 14 January at The architecture is amazing and it felt so peaceful and pleasantly cool to visit it in the mid afternoon heat. Bal-e-Jibril was a philosophical poetry book of Allama Iqbal, the great South Asian poet-philosopher, and the national poet of Pakistan. Anonymous 10 October at The work contains 15 ghazals addressed to God and 61 ghazals and 22 quatrains dealing the egofaithloveknowledgethe intellect and freedom. A great logic in the poetry of Allama Iqbal. He taunts Jibreel of being a submissive and an obedient creature and humbles Jibreel to the point of nothingness in order to make an argument for his wrong which he was destined to be so.

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He was created before heaven and hell as per the hadith recorded in Bukhari. So he went and looked at the Paradise and at all that Allah had prepared for its inhabitants.

By Your Honour, No one who hears about this place would stay away from it. By Your Honour, I am afraid now that no one will be able to enter it. By Your Honour, no one who hears about it will ever enter it. By Your Honour, I am afraid that no one will be able to avoid it. All inhabitants of heaven obey and respect Jibreel, not because he is fierce but because he is trustworthy. This is the opposite of jasoos, a spy, which generally has negative or evil connotations.

Other variations of the name include Jibraeel and Jibreen. Jibreel AS apportions the commands of Allah SWT and is responsible for revelation and war, war being against those who reject revelation. He is responsible for the light in our heart through bringing us the revelation.

He brings us our soul and gives us life by giving us revelation. Jibreel took him to the heavens to the Angel of Death in the fourth heaven to ask how much time he had to live, and his soul was taken there and then. We learn that Jibreel AS always wanted to help the prophets. Jibreel also came to help Haajar, the wife of Ibrahim AS , tapping his heel to produce the water of Zamzam.

A group of Angels also went to the house of Ibrahim AS to give him the glad tidings of a righteous son in his old age, and that they are there to destroy the nation of Lut AS.

He caught him and comforted him AS. He was given the glad tidings of a son, Yahya AS. The nature of revelation was such that it caused angels to faint. The sound would be like the pulling of a heavy chain over Mount Safa. Revelation would shatter a mountain.

Sometimes he SAW would lose consciousness and sweat on a cold day. It was a harsh task, hence the squeezing by Jibreel in Hira as a preparation. Jibreel AS had modesty.

There were no signs of travel on him and none of us knew him. He came and sat next to the Prophet SAW. He supported his knees up against the knees of the Prophet SAW and put his hand on his thighs. And even though you do not see Him, you know He sees you. I stayed for a long time.


The Story of Jibreel (AS)





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