The book, now available in an updated version called Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting , is no longer available from the publisher in its original edition, but the text is considered a classic on the subject of turning casino games into profitable entertainment without breaking the law. When his first advice book went on sale in , it was one of the most popular books on the subject, applying mathematics he learned as a grad student at the University of Chicago studying Economics to various casino games. Since the advicev in the book is all about combining a logical approach to games of chance and skill, the topics covered in the book are totally legal. If the name James Grosjean is familiar to you, it may be because he made headlines in for winning legal verdicts against casinos and their investigative agencies. You might also know the author as the youngest member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame, inducted alongside big names like Stanford Wong and Edward O.

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Employing proprietary software, he writes computer programs that play the games and aid him in figuring out how to beat them. Ultimately, Grosjean crushes gambling dens in ways that few others imagine to be possible. For all of that, though, his bread-and-butter gambits typically involve advanced forms of hole-carding. That is, finding weak dealers who are accidentally exposing corners of their hole cards. He snags his peeks through a combination of excellent eyesight and crafty social engineering.

Then he makes the most of his exploitations by understanding what to do with the gleaned information often partial, as he is not always afforded full views of cards. Grosjean has hastened the deaths some games including off-beat gambles such as Bacalette, a card game that felt a bit like roulette and capitalized on others intensely.

He most enjoys destroying so-called carnival games, which are designed to be total sucker bets. Not long ago, I watched him and his crew decimate a cards-based craps game in a jurisdiction where dice are illegal for casino-play and cards stand-in for the six sides of each die so subtly that casino managers never knew quite what happened or who did it.

But they still revamped the dealing procedure in order to thwart whatever was going on. Grosjean expresses confidence about outsmarting the recently installed fix. If you see all four hole cards at Caribbean Stud, your edge is more than percent. There was a game called Match The Dealer. I ran the numbers on that one and realized that I could play it at a percent advantage — but it disappeared before I had the opportunity. Many shuffling machines have vulnerabilities. If you have a huge bankroll, a mini-baccarat play that takes place once per shoe is pretty good.

Initially, as a struggling student with mounting debt, he made extra cash by card-counting blackjack games on river-boat casinos there. Then, one night, he spotted a dealer who was accidentally revealing her hole cards. The move proved to be a smart one. Nevertheless, it would be erroneous to believe that he does not work hard for what he has achieved.

If someone called me now and said there is a great game somewhere, I could very likely be on a plane, heading there, in three hours.

If there is a good game on at in the morning, you better get there. The best games may not conform to your schedule, they may not be in places where you want to go and you may need to make sacrifices.


Gambling With James Grosjean

What sets him apart, however, is his unbridled alacrity for sticking it to the house. His intuitive propensity for mathematics was evident early on. Strategizing anything and everything that could be strategized was a hobby for the young man. In his spare time, though, he could generally be found playing blackjack on one of the many Mississippi riverboats in the area. His professional career as a gambler began to take off immediately.


Exhibit CAA



James Grosjean


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