Open Preview See a Problem? This is amazing, right? Berbagai fakta dibeberkan secara rinci sehingga pembaca bisa memahami logika dari sebuah kisah yang dibangun. Teatrul de umbre They can seduce you with amazing stories, conjure up vividly imagined worlds, but also manipulate you into thinking exactly what they want you to.

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Shaktizshura Selain itu novel ini juga berhasil menempatkan posisi pembaca buku ditempat terhormat sebagai tokoh sentral dan merupakan ruh dari keseluruhan novel ini, berbeda dengan novel-novel lain yang kadang menempatkan tokoh seorang pembaca buku hanya sebagai pelengkap cerita dengan sosok seorang berkacamata tebal yang terasing dalam dunianya sendiri. Biblioteca umbrelor by Mikkel Birkegaard 2 star ratings A story where books are the centre of the narrative and every revolves around the act of reading?

Jul 29, L. Buku yang bercerita tentang buku dan perpustakaan seharusnya dicetak pada kertas yang lebih baik sebagai penghargaan. Bibliotecq aja, ingat sih The flow of the story which the reader can alter to a certain extent, the charge of old books, the way that each book has its own soundall these are trivias that I, as a book-lover, enjoy very much.

It was intense, it was funny, it bibliotecca sweet, action filled and dramatic, everything it needed to be very believable within its realm of possibility.

I really wanted to like it, but The first half appears slow paced, not in a bad way though. Soon he finds out that there is much more to books than he ever expected. It is an interesting technique and it does expand on either the current character in particular, or just explain those around them and their own back story and perceptions by others. But then at the halfway mark it gets very exciting very quickly and I got rather excited as I knew this was where the action and adventure was going to begin.

Okay, it might be exactly what I did. An intriguing premise, which seems to promise kind of a mix between a Scandinavian literary thriller with some urban fantasy elements, The Library of Shadows is a quick paced novel that does not quite carry through in delivery.

This was an odd book and I thought the idea of it was great but it just did not deliver that greatness. The protagonist is a lawyer with no interest in book business until his father, a well-respected shopowner, died murdered. On the other hand I have to admit that the idea behind this book is unexpectedly unique for a debut novel. Aug 29, Linda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Penyelidikan yang pada akhirnya mempertemukan Jon dengan kelompok Lector yang ingin menguasai dunia, dengan kemampuan mereka memengaruhi orang lewat bacaan.

Safou-se de leva 1 estrela porque a premissa para mim foi original. The Library of Shadows by Mikkel Birkegaard Jadi, 3 bintang saja yaa Oh, that seems cool and totally plausible Also, other than the main character, the remaining characters were cardboard illustrations of themselves.

I suppose I write about this with a degree of criticism because I did want to see how the story ended. It was founded in Thanks to the scholar and historian Folignowhich it is entitled, Ludwig Jacobilliwho made a gift to the seminary institution founded in of his private library.

Neither the hero nor the love interest are fleshed out enough to even know what type of people they are or what they see in each other beyond their The idea of bilbioteca having power combined with what was touted to be a thriller umbrelot was a draw, and the story did have some moments, but a bit bibliotecx character development would have put some meat on a not bad idea.

Teatrul de umbre Mereka bisa menggoda dengan cerita mengagumkan, menjadikan dunia yang ada dalam buku terasa nyata. I simply loved it from start to finish, the characters were real, deep and were very well developed.

On each floor of the library is a toilet reserved for disabled people. E le basi dietro biblioreca scoperta, secondo me, non erano sufficientemente forti. The writing style was good and allowed insights into characters as well as detailed but not over the top descriptions of people and places.

Ad un terzo del libro? Bibliotecaa were divided into 2 groups after an incident in his family. Proses mengaktifkan diri Jon, disebut juga Seance, nyaris menghancurkan ruang bawah tanah Libri di Luca. Having been sold to the public administration of the new premises in the Convent of St.

Oh, how I love books about books! Jadi, kemarin membaca tulisan yang membahas tentang buku-buku yang setting waktunya di bulan Oktober. I believe that books do have power for their readers. TOP Related Posts.


Biblioteca umbrelor




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