Visit Cisco Prime Infrastructure for product details and documentation. This innovative solution offers end-to-end management for business-critical technologies and services. It aligns management functionality with the way network operators do their jobs. Primary Functional Areas and Benefits Monitoring and Troubleshooting Proactively identify and quickly fix network problems before they affect end users and services with out-of-the-box preconfigured monitoring dashboards. Configuration Management Simplify the roll-out of new technologies and network changes through guided workflows based on Cisco best practices with built-in configuration templates that help reduce errors. Compliance and Audit Management Upgradable compliance engine offers extensive modeling of industry, corporate, IT, and technology policies and quick visibility into compliance status of the network.

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A brief explanation of our network - it consists of VTP domain of the 3rd version, in the layer of the core 2x whish are being operated in VSS all the configuration is based on them : Vlans, routing, acl list , in the access layer the switches some of them are operated in the stack , DNS server is absent, to register the devices in the application we put the title of the device into the host file of the server.

Screenshots are added to the list of problems. IP addresses of the end hosts in the section User tracking are not displayed, in the site cisco. Switches in the section Ciscoview are not displayed, however in the section device update in the list of the installed packages those devices are present, also it is impossible to set update the package cisco view for the required device. Maybe I am wrong somewhere please correct me if necessary.

Where can I find a full description of the Faults. Not from all the devices collections of configurations take place though settings of Telnet and the name Community are everywhere the same. In the section Topology in the scheme of the network those changes do not happen at once? Is it possible to set it the way so the changes occur simultaneously? The messages on failures come in time how can I set it?


What’s New in CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution 4.0

Along with the new look and feel, there are many other changes that make LMS 4. The new UI theme incorporates a lot of good UI best practices. All of these directly go toward making LMS 4. Megamenu Megamenu is one of the components that go a long way into making the overall navigation much simpler than ever before. With LMS 4. Figure 1 clearly depicts this fact.


Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution



CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution (v. 4.0) - license - 1 server, up to 300



Implementing CiscoWorks LMS v4.0


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