Shipping Info Please Note: This product is only available in multiples of An order of 1 equals 10 forms. Both consumer and commercial shippers need to use this form when customs declaration is needed for GXG. Instructions for completing the commercial invoice are on the back of the form. Use the commercial invoice form with the customs form envelope PS Form E.

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Therefore, they give the forms for free to the general public. Using the USPS Website , the user can go through the checkout and elect to have the forms delivered to them via standard mail. Choose to login or create a new account. Once they come in the mail the forms will be ready for immediate use.

Once you have obtained this and the appropriate supporting paperwork, you may proceed. We will handle the Shipper information in the second item which is composed of several parts. Use item 2a to record the Legal Name of the entity shipping this freight.

If this is a corporate entity that requires a suffix in its Name, make sure to include it properly i. If this is unavailable, you may leave this area blank. Recipient Name. Begin by recording the Legal Name of the entity physically receiving this freight in this box.

If this is applicable then fill in this information to item 3i. Finally, the Recipient must have the reason for this Shipment documented in item 3j. In some cases, the Recipient Address is not the final destination. For instance, it may be one in a multiple-stop Trade Show tour or the loading dock of a freight forwarder.


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LEY 24076 PDF

USPS Commercial Invoice Template – Form PS 6182


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