Akijar It could have been less painful, but necessary. It was an admirable quality and it made it easier to like her even though she could be a little shit at times. I loved the cover and the concepts of dream walking was so intriguing to me. Our main character, Josh, is a seventeen year old dream walker — she and her family and a small community of other dream walkers help to solve nightmares of people around the world. Josh and Will are very simple and average teens, but has a lot of determination and strength and will power to achieve extraordinary goals, even if they have to fight for it, they would rather do it.

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I mean, guys. I found a 5 star book. Where are the champagne?! I am getting goosebumps all over my skin as I type this. This book is awesome. It was all just so natural.

Take the world-building for example. If there are too many nightmares going on, it would mean the end of both worlds. The writing was so delicious to consume. I just loved how smooth and lyrical the narration was, and how it effectively gave life to the story and to the characters effortlessly.

Speaking of characters, can I just say that I love how Josh was so realistic and flawed at the same time? She would get away from a dire situation, and she would berate herself for letting it happen in the first place.

They were all handled so sensitively, resolved gradually and realistically, and they even compliment the storyline at the same time. I loved how he was such a genuine partner to Josh, how he complimented her aggressive, reckless nature with his cautiousness and compassion. I loved how even though he was the love interest, his "development" with Josh never took center stage - they were all in the background and even moved alongside the real storyline.

It made me yearn for scenes with both of them even more.



But it was hardly a warm afternoon in the park, either. She stood knee-deep in very cold water that smelled of rotting fast food and gave off fumes like fresh asphalt. Around her legs, oily patterns floated on the surface of stagnant, brackish water as it flowed down the cramped concrete sewer tunnel and into the darkness. The ladder had been behind her a moment before; now it was gone. Like so many things in the Dream, it had vanished without reason.


Dreamfire: A novel

January 30th, Synopsis Unlike most year-olds, Joshlyn Weaver has a sacred duty. If they fail, the emotional turmoil in the Dream could boil over and release nightmares into the World. A lapse in judgment and the death of someone she loved have shaken her confidence. Experience the dangers of the dream world in Dreamfire, a riveting, young adult debut novel by Kit Alloway.

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