It is usually filled out by the US citizens who need to replace a stolen passport, receive a first-time passport or renew a passport issued to an under-age up to First you need to download an appropriate printable sample and complete it according to specified instructions and requirements in order to provide acceptance of application. In order a form to be successfully processed, an applicant has to provide true and correct information. Pay attention that you will be required to attach some additional documents to form DS, such as: document which certifies the citizenship; identity document; recent color photo. An applicant has to submit a form beforehand taking into account time for document processing.

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Passport holders. When you need a passport fast Form DS New U. Not the form you need? Click here. The completed, but unsigned application form must be presented to an agent at a passport acceptance facility or regional agency along with required supporting documents. The answers to the frequently asked questions below will help you understand where to get the form and how to complete it properly. Need a passport fast? Click here to expedites a new passport in 24 to 48 hours.

Where can I get form DS? We have made the application form available on our website in PDF format. The application will open in a new window. You can complete the form and then print it. If you prefer, you can download the new passport application to your computer and open it later. To download the document, follow the instructions provided below. Right click on the link. Select "Save Target As Finally, you can complete Form DS online and then print it.

Some applicants have reported problems with the online form. How do I fill out the US passport application? Instructions are included with each application. It is very important that you follow the them very carefully. You should use black ink and write as legibly as possible when completing the application form offline.

Illegible writing can lead to printing errors which would require you to apply for corrections. You should fill out the form as completely as possible without making any false statements. There is nothing complicated about completing an application for a United States passport. It just takes a little time and attention to detail. The form states that you can expect to spend up to 85 minutes to complete the application. However, most people can fill it out in a lot less time. How long does it take to process the new passport application?

Routine processing can take between 4 and 6 weeks. This is an estimatation and is not exact. It could require more time just as it could also take less time to process. Applicants who need to get a passport more quickly can request expedited service. Expedited applications submitted at an Acceptance Facility are processed in weeks. Those who need to get a new passport fast should first schedule a visit to a regional US passport agency or, in cases where this is not a possibility, employ the services of an express passport expediter.

Most experienced passport expeditors provide an email address, a toll-free telephone number and even online assistance for travelers who make use of their services.

Expediters serve as a great resource if you have any questions about completing the new passport application form. Need your passport fast?


U.S. Passports

Then you clicked the right link: our experts made a simplified and detailed instruction for Form DS It includes everything you need to know to meet the requirements, fill your data without mistakes, and file it in time. In addition, our webapp provides you with an online printing service. The present guide covers such questions as: What is DS 11 Form? What is this form for? When is the form due?


U.S. Department of State

You may still use all these forms when applying for your passport. We will post updated versions of the forms when they are available. Download Acrobat Reader here. When printing the application, make sure the image of the application covers the entire page.

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