It is also kameelijama inspiration for the musical Marguerite[11] which places the story in German-occupied France. Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign into Goodreads to see if dsma of your friends have read Dama s kamelijama. La traviata opera Marguerite musical Marguerite and Armand ballet.

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It stars Zully Moreno. Zeffirelli first approached Hussey about starring in the film a few weeks after the premiere of Romeo and Juliet After the tour, Zeffirelli had trouble finding finances and a studio for the project. In , Zeffirelli directed the film, Brother Sun Sister Moon , which failed to live up to the success of Romeo and Juliet , and prevented him from finding a studio to pick his proposal for Camille.

Hussey, believing that the film was off, starred in Summertime Killer and Lost Horizon , and had her first child in February of Zeffirelli tried one last time to get the film picked up in late , but this time without Hussey.

Liza and I would often talk about work, and I had told her how excited I was to play Marguerite Gautier. How it was the role of a lifetime, and how Franco would bring it to life.

I had said that he was a genius and I loved him and that he was adapting the work with me in mind. It was like I was handing it to her, the way I described it.

I felt betrayed. But Liza? How could she go behind my back like that? Olivia would later rekindle her relationship with Franco, and even reunited with him for the film Jesus Of Nazareth a few years later. It was big of her, but I found myself being nasty, telling her that Franco must be thinking of doing the film as a comedy if he were willing to cast her in the role.

It was a terrible thing to say, and I felt awful afterward, but I was hurt and angry Liza and I did find our way back to being friends, although it was never quite the same. It premiered at the Staatstheater Stuttgart in Marguerite and Armand is an adaptation created in by renowned choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton specifically for Rudolf Nureyev and prima ballerina assoluta Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Veronica Paeper created a ballet Camille based on The Lady of the Camellias which has been staged several times since It is also the inspiration for the musical Marguerite , [11] which places the story in German-occupied France.

Love Story , published by Eric Segal in , has essentially the same plot updated to contemporary New York. The conflict here centres on the relative economic classes of the central characters.


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