Due to its exceptional durability and damage resistance, DuraPlate composite panels are now used in dry freight trailers , truck bodies , portable storage containers other applications within a growing number of diverse industries. Wabash National has diverted over 1 billion plastic bottles from landfills by using post-consumer resin in the manufacture of DuraPlate. Designed for Demanding Applicatons. The unique formulation of DuraPlate delivers a high-performance and durable structural solution that outperforms other sandwich panel designs. Made in the U.

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Brarr All projects must have been in the design or construction phase over the last 18 months. The majority of water comes from four horizontal collector wells with direct intake from the Iowa River. After the surface was prepared, two coats of the multi-purpose epoxy were applied at 4 — 6 mils dry film thickness DFT per coat on interior concrete walls and ceilings as well as steel columns, beams, and stair stringers.

Duben specified Shelcote II — a high-solids, amine cured epoxy coating designed for resistance to a broad range of aqueous and petroleum-based chemicals including MTBE. Among the regulations that created the need for new plant construction were lower maximum contamination levels MCLs on inorganic chemicals, organic byproducts, and radionuclides, according to Shaun Bradbury, special projects manager of Iowa City.

Dura-Plate PW Before the treatment plant was closed in, some initial painting occurred during the coldest months of the year in Iowa City. This aquifer covers nearly all of the state of Iowa and is used by many communities as a major water supply duraplxte. For further information, phone Dura-Plate is an epoxy phenalkamine formulated specifically for service in industrial and marine environments.

As a result, water consumption and treatment fluctuate. Dura-Plate Multi-Purpose Epoxy By taking a combination of water from the river and the aquifers, we are protected against potential contamination from any one source. With its greater water treatment capacity, the new facility is another tool for attracting to the Iowa City area companies requiring large amounts of water.

Acrolon HS is a two-component, low VOC, acrylic polyurethane coating designed for high performance protection when maximum exterior gloss and color retention is suraplate. Because construction was scheduled to take place during winter months, some of the coatings applied had to be tolerant of low temperatures.

Two coats of this high performance epoxy were then applied to a 5 to 6 mil, DFT per coat. A computer glitch at a filtration plant may have allowed minerals to seep into the water turning the water brown in Lake Station, Ind. Business News Round Up — Dec. Rubbing a concrete surface with additional concrete or grout is done to prevent the formation of holes and voids. Daytime winter temperatures in Iowa City are routinely in the 30s, but may plummet after dark, so low temperature tolerance was another important factor in product selection.

Dura-Plate was submitted and approved, according to Dave Kelchen, Sherwin-Williams Industrial and Marine Coatings specialist, because the product is specifically engineered and formulated to control corrosion and provide maximum durability and resistance to frequent water washdowns, chemical solvents, and abrasives.

Brown Water in Indiana Town. The new plant was constructed with concrete and houses several steel and fiberglass processing tanks and storage vessels. This was particularly helpful on this project, because city officials emphasized the importance of cleanliness and maintenance efficiency as they likened their plant requirements to the strict standards typical of food processing environments.

Rick Snyder made the call to stop distributing water. In areas where even greater chemical protection was required, Sherwin-Williams Shelcote II was specified, according to Duben. The selection of protective coating systems was a critical consideration of Dugaplate R. In addition, the protective coating systems for this project were also intended to enhance operation and maintenance efficiency. Green Company, the city sought to create a structure that would meet its immediate and future requirements dursplate the next 50 to years.

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DURA-PLATE® 235 Multi-Purpose Epoxy (Part A) [Multiple colors]

By enlisting the services of engineering firm Howard R. The previous treatment plant, which dursplate new facility has replaced, was nearly years old. The plant uses a combination of surface and ground water sources for better overall water quality. A man-made lake located on the plant site will provide a supplementary source of water. By taking a combination of water from the river and the aquifers, we are protected against potential contamination from any one source.


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