It covers many topics besides the Higher-Self. To develop awareness of the unseen forces in nature, Henry shares this exercise. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Causes of lapse in protection include: There is a minute for contemplation, and then the other people in the circle relate whatever images, emotions, etc. As other thoughts inevitably occur, direct your focus back to the chosen word. Other no of life in which we channel energy are sex, conceiving children actually channeling new life!

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Sasida No trivia or quizzes yet. Do not waste your money! Look within for intuition. In automatic writing, the person goes unconscious in order to get the ego out of the way trick shooting! Love is the highest form of attunement. Visualization, as in daydreaming, is also a method of seeking answers from your higher self. Choose your ideal carefully, because, through meditation, patterns are created, not only in the thinking, but also in the shape of your life; and even in every cell of the body.

Chapter 10 Evaluating Channeled Guidance. This is a mistake. The first is based in breath awareness. The book is only half the length stated due to this repetition of chapters.

Each chapter repeats itself in the following chapter. Admittedly, some dreams are simply caused by physical or subconscious factors, but, according to Cayce, we are given dreams from the superconscious every night.

Choose a plant Henry chose a rosebush and greet it respectfully, acknowledging it to be a living being. Knowledge not applied [is] much more costly than the bliss of ignorance. Jeff Munnis rated it it was amazing Jun 03, The people gather together and dedicate their dreams for the night to one person who has requested help. Make sound to express the experience of being one with the plant.

Chapter 4 The Creative Channel of chanjeling Mind: The history of the tablets translated in the following book is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Chapter 7 Artistic Channels of Creativity. Mar 25, Duane Tilden rated it liked it. Inspired music was improvised for channeeling person who came there for healing, and the purpose was to bring people to re-experience their essential sel with the universe.

Henry found that these rituals had in common two factors: I especially liked the mountain meditation. Sun rated it it was amazing Apr 17, It became clear that it was important to integrate what I experienced in trance into my daily life. Then, quiet yourself and meditate on your values and ideals, focusing on the emotions that are associated with them. Channeling Your Higher Self Ccleslie rated it really liked it Jun 30, Presleep Series, your conscious mind will work in harmony with your subconscious.

Dispatched from the UK in 10 business days When edgaf my order arrive? Furthermore, sharing happiness is good for the person who shares it. Channel of the Spirit Here are some practical exercises. Start by imagining a personification of an ideal for you-a spiritual figure, a person from a dream, a real person you admire, etc.

Return to Book Page. After a while your mind may begin to wander, and you may feel gigher. The repetition really broke the flow of the material, rendering this book annoying, instead of elating.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Search WWW Search www. The chapters repeat themselves, ie exact same, same and so on, probably to extend the published narration time in order to make it seem worth the price. A good way to start, after some meditation, is to write out your ideal, as a word or phrase.

I appreciate the author giving warnings about channeling, meditation, and automatic writing because of mischievous spirits and entities.

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