Era la primera vez que Colton mencionaba a otras personas en el cielo. Todos tienen una luz sobre la cabeza. Sin titubear me dijo tres minutos. No era posible que mi hijo hiciese todo esto en solo tres minutos. Es posible que el tiempo en el cielo no corresponda con el de la tierra. Tal vez en el cielo no hay tiempo, al menos como lo entendemos nosotros.

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The book is well written and there are some nice black and white photos of the family in the middle of the book. I decided to read this book because it was written by a pastor, and I thought it would be an account that would be an honest and thoughtful story.

Unfortunately, in order to believe this story your have to make some choices in what you want to believe. There was no mention by the doctors in talking with the parents or in medical records that Colton died on the surgical table.

Also, there is a time problem. Colton talked about seeing God shoot power down to his dad while preaching. I find it hard to believe that at no time was this child away from the parents and in the care of another family member who could have mentioned these events or even just overheard his parents talking about it.

Other events mentioned by Colton sound more like Sunday School I remember reading the child friendly version of this book to my son last year. All I can say about this book is WOW! It was very touching and such a great read! I like the title. I love the cover with the photo of little Colton. He was such an adorable little boy!

It was easy to picture everything happening in my mind. The pacing throughout this book is fantastic. However, the next day, when everyone was at school and work, I finished it then. It was just astounding! This book just blew my mind. It was so amazing to be getting a glimpse into Heaven thanks to Colton. The things he described whilst in Heaven were just breath taking. I believe that Colton did see what he described. Perhaps he was telling the whole truth though.

But I do believe that most of what Colton saw whilst in Heaven was and is true. There is a near death experience though. You will be amazed with what Colton has seen and heard. I know I was. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. Yes this book is great and gives some insight to this family but in this case, guys the movie was better.

When the movie came out I was pulled in immediately. After a year old medical issues on top of medical issues Todd, a pastor and his wife Sonja are overwhelmed. His father is a Wesleyan minister. If you want to believe these people, you will be blessed. I would recommend keeping an open mind.

Such an honest retelling of true events. This family is truly lucky to have lived this experience. Yes, very traumatic, though. BUT, wow, what they have all learned through this remarkable experience!!! The way that Colton explains some of his experiences in heaven have helped me understand certain aspects of death How he describes the Holy Spirit simplifies all the difficulties we adults have when trying to understand these abstract concepts.

If you want to be in touch with your spirituality, or if you want to renew your faith in God, pick up the book. What a breath of fresh air!!! You can doubt this story if you want to, but it only takes a little faith to be filled with the Spirit as you read the kingdom of heaven through the words of this 3-year-old child. A little boy, barely 4 years old, experiences health issues and needs surgery and during surgery he said he went to Heaven and came back.

The boy said he met his sister in Heaven and asked his mother if she lost a baby. The boy is also able to identify his grandfather in an old photo.

The storytelling is basic, nothing spectacular. Little Colton Burpo gets very sick, and during an operation "dies" and goes to Heaven. He did, and he came out of surgery with an amazing story to tell. Whether you believe in Heaven or not, this story tugs at your heartstrings and serves to bring all of us hope and a bit better understanding of what Heaven will be like.

I was immediately charmed by his simple way of describing what it was like in Heaven. So I started back at the beginning. Todd and Sonja Burpo are on a family vacation when their 3-year old son Colton becomes violently ill.

They rush him to the hospital and soon after find out that he has an erupted appendix which requires emergency surgery. After much prayer by Todd, a pastor, and his congregation, Colton recovers from surgery and all is well.

Shortly after they are home from the hospital Colton tells his parents that during the surgery he had actually died and that his soul astrally traveled to Heaven. He saw the throne of God and the gates of Heaven. This book is a fast read and I enjoyed it very much. It is possible that the parents read more into his visions than he proposed but all in all I believe his story.

I could almost hear him make up stories about what he thought Heaven was like. It is a captivating story, and for that reason you power through it.

Not every book published is supposed to be of great literary value, some are destined to set their hooks in you and hold on. I enjoyed the informal conversational style. I am happy that it makes me think and question and wonder.

I think that is enough. I will be asking my 15 year old son to read it. I guess I need to challenge him to think too!


El Cielo Es Real



El Cielo Es Real



El Cielo Es Real para NiƱos (Heaven Is For Real for Kids)



El Cielo es Real [Libro]


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