Nov 10, Dan rated it really liked it. Go Review That Book! Then it discusses some of the ramifications of his famous formula. Bodanis, David, for The Guardian. Oct 30, Greg rated it really liked it.

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Yoramar Full review to follow. Without focusing on a small number of historical persons and giving them credit for advances that were not theirs Without making some seem more like mystics than scientists or intellectuals. From a scientific standpoint, the most memorable chapters were the one where Bodanis explains in subatomic detail exactly how the bomb dropped on Hiroshima wrought its horrific damage, and the one where he explains how the universe will end. It does not offer any math beyond this deceptively simple equation nor does it explain how the equation relates to the formulas describing the relationship between energy, mass and velocity we learned at school.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I love reading science books like this: Those who are true novices to physics-or lack interest in pursuing the equation beyond the basics-can read the front half bodwnis the book and walk away far more knowledgeable than they were when they picked it up. The little book of genius Bringing two different areas, which I hate from head till toe, together. He has been a popular speaker at TED conferences and at Davos. This is now an absolute favorite of mine!

It is easy on science and numbers—which bldanis fine for me. I am of the opinion that the image is enticing and engaging, and I hope it will attract rather than repel potential readers. Mar 10, Philip Bodanie rated it it was amazing. Another thing I find grating in a science book is that Bodanis loves to talk about God whenever given half a chance.

Bodanis, David, for The Guardian. For one, this book is aimed at kindergartners. Along the way, Bodanis includes stories about the people involved Lavoisier, Faraday, Einstein, and many others that really add color and interest.

Are you wondering what BS am I talking? An excellent Science manuscript which evolves by itself chapter by chapter to give rise to the most powerful equation ever discovered by mankind. There are some good stories here, competently told. However, I am confident that I could explain the basics of this equation after reading this book. But because there was a person of interest for me in the class and being mocked in front of that person was a dent in the mischievous plan that I am weaving.

As a side note, a member of our group tried to read the e-reader version. In addition, it has motivated me to find out more of how this equation influenced history of World War II. Oct 01, Pages Buy. Related Posts.


E=mc2: A Biography of the World's Most Famous Equation

Sashicage I could say I have spent a considerable chunk of time on deciding which subject I hated most. He also talks about the people It may not seem strange that I include a history book in my top The book is a well written obdanis, and if you are interested in the history of science you will probably enjoy it. However, how anyone could learn any physics from this book remains beyond my comprehension. I recommend this to any of my friends with the slightest bit of interest in physics. I now want to justify my bad opinion of the technical aspects of this book. Later on in the book the equation is used to explain such things as the scientific creation of earth, where stardust comes from and then on to black holes. Goodreads helps you keep boadnis of books you want to read.


Book Review | E=mc²

Dokus I enjoyed it a great deal and felt I achieved a better understanding of the complex equation. To most readers they contain just a mass of odd diagrams — those little trains or rocketships or flashlights that boanis utterly mystifying. Oct 01, Pages Buy. Aug 22, Sally Ewan rated it it was amazing Shelves: For instance, he patiently explains the concept of squaring: Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Which this is not. In principle, even very hard concep This is not a bad read, but it has some major flaws. As a student, Einstein had learnt that energy and mass are both conserved, one of the great axioms of physics.

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