I took this book with me overseas while Deployed in Afghanistan. E isso significava confronrar os melhores culturistas americanos. Uma enciclopedai que voc passe para um treino mais avanado, nveis de intensidade mais altos sero necessrios para superar a maior resistncia do corpo para mudar e desenvolver-se. Mas o mtodo mais popular de aquecimento com os prprios pesos. Utilizar peso em excesso muito encixlopedia geralmente impossibilita que voc msculacao suas sries utilizando a tcnica apropriada e tambm pode, muitas vezes, aumentar seu risco de leses.

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Shelves: owned-read , sports , science , reference , nonfiction , health There is so much to say about this book. Most of my Goodreads followers dont know this, but Im into weightlifting. I dont have the Arnold body type at all, but Id say Im somewhat fit, maybe more the Bruce Lee type without the martial arts background.

Im not into lifting because of sports, looks, or because its trendy. It doesnt matter why you are into lifting as long as you have a good reason. My reason is solely based on poor health as a teenager. I have something called cyclic vomiting There is so much to say about this book. It always off to the ER for me. Now time to talk about the actual book. Overall, I loved this book. Not going to reread the whole thing, but I will be looking back at certain parts from time to time.

This has some very important and useful information about weightlifting and bodybuilding. I loved the history of bodybuilding segment. There are tons of photos of half-naked muscular men in this book. Good for motivation or eye-candy, whatever you prefer LOL. One complaint I have about the first part is the lack of women lifters. However, for the women reading this book, some photos and more information would have been helpful.

Maybe there are books out there more for women. Each exercise gets a least two or more paragraphs, but not too long. They have photos and diagrams how to do the lift and they show you different ways to alter the lift.

The diet and health parts I skipped some glanced over. At times, this book is a little dated. There is always new studies and scientific breakthroughs that change the way we look at ourselves. A bench press is a bench press.

I was told not to get this book because it was date, yet here I am reading this find most of the information still useful for basics. Most of this book is dedicated to bodybuilding more than any other weightlifting sport. For what Arnold says, there is a lot of dedication and attitude put into just showing off your aesthetic body. For what I got out of this, most of them seem like friends and workout partners. They have chemistry and they seem to compete as if they were old friend playing chess.

Overall, this book was exactly what I need. If only I read this in college when I started lifting weights. However, I feel more focused after reading this book. I care more about science than I use too and I actually want to keep better track of my measurements now.

I should note this is an encyclopedia. Part of this is history, part of this is a how-to, parts are health and diet, and some motivation but I would call this self-help, you have to find your own motivation.


Enciclopédia de Fisiculturismo e Musculação



Livro: Enciclopédia De Fisiculturismo E Musculação (pdf)


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