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Enthesopathy is a disorder affecting the site where capsules, muscles and ligaments attach to the joints and bones. Doctors and medical researchers have suspected a number of diseases as Enthesopathy causes.

These include Tennis Elbow It is a painful swelling of the tendon located at the outer elbow edge. The condition is caused by the overuse of muscles in the lower arm, as happens while twisting the hand. Plantar Fasciitis This medical syndrome is marked by swelling of the plantar fascia or the tissue located at the heel bone. It is marked by discomfort or a stabbing pain in the heel. Ankylosing Spondylitis It is a chronic kind of Spondylitis that mainly affects males and characterized by damage to the spinal mobility.

This even leads to Ankylosis or bone joint rigidity in some cases. Enthesopathy Symptoms Some of the main symptoms of this disorder include Calcification In Enthesopathy calcification or hardening of tissues with lime salts is commonly seen at the site of attachment to the bone. Inflammation The condition is associated with the swelling of the joints at the point of attachment of ligaments or muscles to the bones.

Pain There is usually a stabbing pain at the point where ligament or tendon joins the bone. Immobility The affected region usually sore and stiff and its performance get impaired. Its functionality becomes weaker and patients experience tenderness, pain and a burning sensation in the region. Enthesopathy Diagnosis Enthesopathy is usually diagnosed by physical observation of the symptoms and medical tests.

Physical Observation Physical exam involves touching the area to check for tenderness at the affected site. Doctors look for tenderness or redness in the region.

It is also checked if there is decreased mobility in the affected joint. Physical observation also explores any underlying condition that may have caused Enthesopathy. A higher count of white blood cells WBC is regarded as a sign of presence of Enthesopathy.

In Enthesopathy X-rays are also carried out to detect variations in the bone and Enthesis. Ultrasound and MRI scans help detect inflammation or thickening in the deeper soft tissues. Joint Fluid Aspiration is also carried out to detect infectious diseases or conditions like Gout.

Enthesopathy Treatment Initial treatment for Enthesopathy usually involves rest. Patients are advised to take rest and keep their affected area as much non-functional as possible to let the impaired tissue recover.

Patients require mild physical therapy during rest period and after recovery to regain flexibility and strength in the impaired region. Physiotherapy also helps patients avoid trauma in future and helps them move their joints and bones more safely. In Enthesopathy people suffering from repetitive stress injuries, braces can provide support to the impaired joint.

Medications Medications are also necessary for Enthesopathy patients. Medicines normally involve anti-inflammatory drugs and analgesics. Steroidal injections are sometimes required to manage excessive swelling and patients. Treatment aims at reducing the extent of swelling at Enthesopathy site to prevent further injury to the soft tissue. Enthesopathy Prognosis Recovery from this disease generally depends on how successfully the disease is managed.

However, like many inflammatory conditions, Enthesopathy can recur after sometime. In some people, the condition can turn chronic and needs long-term management that involves medications, rest, mild exercises and other ways to avoid pain recurrence. The time needed by the patient to return to work depends on the damage to the affected site, severity of symptoms and response to treatment.

If the patient is involved in physically demanding jobs, temporary accommodations like decreasing the workload and changing tasks is required to let the body heal properly. Enthesopathy Complications People suffering from Enthesopathy may suffer from severe chronic inflammatory disorders that can lead to deformities.

Such deformities may cause invalidity of the affected body region. Rarely, patients with associated Enthesopathy and Ankylosing Spondylitis may suffer from Secondary Amyloidosis. Enthesopathy Risk Factors There are several risk factors associated with this disorder. People with rheumatic conditions and also non-rheumatic swellings are found to be more vulnerable to this disorder. Other diseases that may lead to the development of Enthesopathy include Spondyloarthropathies.


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