His father was a "kindly Jewish distracted humanist engineer with a reverence for science" and his mother Betty was a real estate broker. He was quoted in Roll Call magazine as saying: "I was trying to reach out to a lot of Republicans who feel that CNN has not been as open to covering Republicans, and I wanted to hear their concerns. It became an international best-seller, breaking all records for sales of a biography. The book was based on over forty interviews with Jobs over a two-year period up until shortly before his death, and on conversations with friends, family members, and business rivals of the entrepreneur.

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Early this morning, I downloaded the new Walter Isaacson Steve Jobs biography simply titled Steve Jobs , which arrives in stores and in digital devices today, and started reading it almost immediately. This is a problem.

I have work to do today. Can I read and work at the same time? Not likely. Yet, here I am at my desk with my laptop in front of me and the Amazon Kindle next to it. The early days were filled with hagiography, but as is natural, a truer picture of the man has begun to emerge. This eagerly awaited biography promises to paint the clearest image of Jobs yet. I liked him.

You might even add a seventh, retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize but did reimagine. I know many of you are reading the Steve Jobs biography today —probably right now — as well. As you read along, share your reactions in our open comment thread below. He is adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs. Wayne would later sell back his stake in the company, after becoming skittish that Apple would succeed.

The computer was a fully assembled circuit board, however, users had to provide their own case, keyboard, power supply and display.

About units were made, many with wooden cases. In June, the system goes on sale. It becomes a huge success and helps kickstart the personal computer revolution. Jobs immediately realizes that the GUI is the future of computing.

March Jobs becomes chairman of the board at Apple. February 15, Jobs appears on the over of Time magazine. Jobs famously asked Sculley if he would rather "sell sugar water for the rest of your life or come with me and change the world?

May 28, John Sculley and the Apple board of directors fire Jobs from his role as head of the Mac division.

October 12, The NeXT computer makes its debut. February 11, NeXT stops selling hardware in order to focus on software.

November Disney releases Toy Story over Thanksgiving weekend and amidst a big media campaign. The film is a box office sensation. In exchange, he will return to the company in what is initially posed as a "limited advisory role. August Jobs announces that Apple will be signing a new business partnership with arch rival Microsoft. May 6, Jobs announces the iMac. The translucent, egg-shaped aqua-marine computer looks like nothing else on the planet.

July Te clam-shell iBook is released. It has lots of fun colors and built-in wireless. May The first Apple retail store is opened. Within a decade, more than stores would pop up worldwide.

Apple also officially releases Mac OS X, its next generation operating system. October 23, Jobs announces the iPod. Slashdot famously sums up the device, writing "No wireless. Less space than a nomad. February Pixar and Disney appear to be at an impasse for future distribution deals. August Jobs announces that he will be taking a short leave of absence to recover from surgery. He reveals that a cancerous tumor was found in his pancreas but that he is expected to make a full recovery.

January 10, The Mac mini is introduced. June Apple announces that it is transitioning to Intel processors. This decision will make Apple a true competitor in the world of computer hardware. January 9, Jobs unveils the iPhone. For the next six months, it will captivate the tech world before its release. Jobs also announces that Apple Computer, Inc.

June 29, The iPhone is released. January 15, Jobs takes the stage at Macworld for the final time and introduces the MacBook Air. January 14, Jobs announces that he is taking a leave of absence to focus on his health.

Tim Cook takes over as acting-CEO. April Jobs undergoes a successful liver transplant. June Jobs returns to work at Apple. April The iPad goes on sale and quickly becomes the fastest selling new electronic gadget of all time. January 17, Jobs announces that he is taking an extended leave of absence to focus on his health. February Jobs pleases fans by introducing the iPad 2 to the public. Cook is appointed by the board, who also vote to make Jobs chairman.

October 5, Steve Jobs passes away due to complications stemming from pancreatic cancer.


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