The Secrets of Unconscious Communication Join Kevin Hogan in front of a standing-room-only audience of over people. Kevin reveals tips on how to sell, work with clients, communicate effectively and utilize the space around you to take command of every situation you find yourself in. Learn how politicians and other public figures use these techniques to sway minds.

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This blog is about covert hypnosis and influence. Covert hypnosis is one of the best models for successful persuasion. Read on and enjoy! Who could have blamed me I purchased an audio course on the subject. After the purchase I came back to the site and searched a bit. I found a product titled "Covert Hypnosis -- an advanced course in subtle unconscious influence" Looks very interesting, "But I really know it all already".

I did read the web site thoroughly though and was slightly shocked at the amount of information Kevin was offering in a single course. I must admit that a few concepts were fairly new to me at the time.

Every site was offering something "nobody else is revealing" and when I bought such courses, I just ended up with the same old info everybody else was revealing So, for almost a year I completely forgot about it. Then one day I was listening to an interview on "sales letters writing" with Dr. Joe Vitale -- the first "hypnotic writer", a marketing genius and a legend. He was talking about persuading a person with story and gave an example of such a persuasive story.

I was literally blown away. I got a bit spooked This was some heavy stuff. This was advanced I bought so many courses, so many ebooks He was the guy that certified me in hypnotherapy. I was hypnotized right there and then -- I rushed to the web site and purchased the course immediately.

I mean, if Joe Vitale speaks of it so highly, then it really must contain some great information Fast forward two weeks It took almost two weeks for the course to arrive I live in Europe.

It was hard to wait as I was so curious what methods, strategies and techniques Kevin teaches. Finally I received the course and started to listen to it. I also printed out the page manual that comes with it so that I could have it handy and so that I could highlight important concepts etc. Let me tell you, pages makes for quite a thick manual It is designed so that a listener gets a sense of immediate connection with him and is constantly on the edge to know more.

He also has many more messages inside. Based on the story, a listener comes to "his or her own conclusions" which in reality were literally very skillfully forced inside his or her mind! This is a very powerful style of communication and can be applied to literally millions of everyday situations Once he finishes the story, he begins to explain exactly what messages were woven inside and why and how he used them.

He then gives the exact formula for creating a powerful story that influences on the spot These were very powerful for me. I mean, just imagine knowing every core desire and drive people have and an amazingly simple way to know which ones a certain person you talk to holds most dearly to and exactly what to say and do to "push that button" and make him or her instantly want what you offer!

In volume four, Kevin talks about the covert model for change. The uniqueness of this model is in creating a permanent change -- not like most models that only create a change for a short time. As I got it, this is meant more like application of covert hypnosis in therapy.

This model, although explained in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner, needs some work and preparation to be fully put into effect. But when mastered and used, it will make you one of the most respected and talked about in a positive way person in your neighbourhood and well beyond that.

Get people to easily quit smoking, loose weight, stop procrastination, develop great learning habits, have better relationships, loose fear of rejection, anything you can think of. This system is really amazing! Which "buttons" should you push in order to get complete compliance from people What are the secrets of unconscious communication -- how our subconscious communicates with us and how you can use this to covertly persuade people How to determine values in your prospect so that you know exactly how to present your proposition -- very easy when you know how :- and much much more Nothing he teaches is speculation -- everything is based on scientifically obtained results by him and many of his colleague psychologists and psychiatrists.

This is state of the art information presented in an interesting, easy-to-understand and fun way. Posted by.


Covert Hypnosis: The Introduction to The Secrets of Unconscious Communication (1 DVD)

All you have to do is push the right buttons and — people do what you want! Kaheen marked it as to-read Jul 21, The real masters of persuasion rarely publish their secrets in books, articles, or anywhere. Every Social Engineer on earth would love covsrt have an arsenal of subliminal persuasion tactics in their tool belt. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Covert Hypnosis: The Course in Unconscious Influence

Tinnitus Reduction Program by Kevin Hogan. You will be given an opportunity to enter it during the check-out process. You also have the option of choosing UPS for super-fast trackable shipping in the US, or abroad at extra cost. Just use our easy shipping calculator during checkout and choose the appropriate shipping option. We ship internationally! Upon checkout, just choose the appropriate international shipping option. What are People Saying?

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And best of all it starts at square one and takes people down a completely different path than the best selling CD program did. Is there positive or negative meaning to the words, techniques, and outcomes of covert hypnosis? And why does it matter? What are the basic principles of covert hypnosis and why is it true that the techniques will work…with no limitations?!!!? Without this element, you will fail.

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