AgProtect provides the user protection by reducing exposure to surface pathogens and stops them from penetrating the membranes of microbes to prevent replication. Much like the CMthe UV has fast and smooth specimen orientation with zero-position centering. The UV light is intended to reduce the user to significant dangers from bacteria, spores, and viruses. Quote Request for Leica CM UV Cryostat If you would like a quote, please fill out the form below and a sales representative will be in contact with you shortly.

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Leica CM — Cryostat Page Unpacking And Installation Unpacking and installation Site requirements Do not operate in rooms with explosion hazard! To ensure an ad- equate cooling capacity, the instrument must be set up with at least 10 cm distance from walls and furniture.

Page Standard Delivery The alignment of the adjustable feet is necessary to ensure an un- obstructed drain of the quick freeze shelf defrosting water. Page Handwheel Assembly Compare the delivered components with the parts list and your order. Should you find any discrepancies, please contact your Leica sales office without delay. A choice of different knife holders is available for the CM The knife holder is accompanied by its own separate instruction manual.

Page Setup Open the knife box with the knife and place it in the cryochamber for precooling. To turn the automatic mains fuse on, the switch must be set in the upper position pos. To turn the automatic mains fuse off, the switch must be set in the lower position pos. Page Control Panel Operation 6. When pushing the button for more than 1 second, the time value increases or decreases continuously autorepeat function.

Touch the button for indication of the beginning of the defrost cycle which has actually been set. At the same time, the LEDs between the indi- cation of hours and minutes are flashing. Page Activation Of The Peltier Element option To turn off the manual defrosting cycle of the quick freeze shelf prior to the automatic deactivation, press again Quick freeze shelf and cryochamber defrosting can be run inde- pendently.

However, it is not possible to defrost both systems si- multaneously. During the defrost cycle, the indication is flashing. This is a safety feature to protect both the specimen and knife from damage! The temperature of the quick freeze shelf is always lower than the cryochamber temperature. Page Specimen Discs The entire rear surface of the prism must have a good contact with the specimen head.

Page Sectioning Daily use of the instrument Sectioning All necessary adjustments on the knife holder and anti-roll guide are described in the separate instruction manual for your knife holder in detail.


Leica CM1900



Leica CM1860 UV - Cryostat for Histopathology Laboratory Applications



Leica CM 1850 Instruction Manual




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