Warranty types Warranty removed from product: This product was designated to be returned to HP. Thus, the warranty has been removed from this product. Product sold by third party: This product was sold by a third party. Any warranty support needed would be completed by the third party that sold the product. Product has been exchanged: This product has been exchanged for a new or refurbished product.

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Page Lexmark En Using the op erat or pa nel 51 Over view of the ope rator panel The operator panel has 5 lights and 2 b u t tons. Note: The Contin ue b ut ton also functi ons as a li ght.

The f ollo wing tables sho w the most common light seq[ Press and release Contin ue twice quickly to disp la y the secondar y error code light sequence. The f ollo win[ After resolving the prob lem, tur n off the printer to e [ What y ou can do: Close the door. What y ou can do[ What y ou can do: Download v alid ne twork code to the i nternal print server[ Note: The T oner Alarm see page must be turned on f or thi s messag[ The printe r will[ What y ou can do: Install a to ner car tri dge made f or [ What y ou can do: Clear the paper jam.

This light sequence is[ Thi s occ urs when the printer does not kno w the media size lo aded in the tra y , or there is a pro b lem feedi ng the media [ Th e job m[ What y ou can do: Download v alid ne twork code to the i nternal print server. Men u ite ms and th eir s ettings ar e ind icated by Err o r and Continue l ight sequences. Settin g Us e this sett ing to: Va l u e s NP A Mode Send pr int job s to the pr inter an d quer y pri nte r sta tus infor mati on sim[ Setup men u Use the Set up menu to co nfigure ho w the printer f or mats the end of a line depend ing on the computer sy stem being us ed.

Settin g Us e this sett ing to: Va l u e s NP[ Utilitie s me nu Use the Utiliti es men u to troub leshoot pr inter prob lems. The printer driv e r is softw a r e that lets y our computer communicate wit h y our pr inter. The procedure to ins tal l drivers depends on the operating system y ou are using. T o pr int locally to a USB-attached printer , you must creat e a desktop print er ic on Macintosh 8. Creating a des ktop printer icon Macintosh 8.

Y our printer is now sa v ed as a desktop printer. Windo ws In Windo ws en vironments , netw ork printers can be configured [ This is just enough in f or mation to send a print job to the printer. Visit our Le xmar k W eb sit e at www. Clic k View Documentati[ There are only tw o supply items that ha ve to be replaced on a regul ar basis: the to ner cartri dge and the photoconduct or kit, whic h together comprise the print car tr idge assemb ly.

Check ing the toner and photoconductor levels Y ou can determine appro ximately ho w much toner is left in y our car tridge and how full the photocon duct or kit is b y printing out a [ Extended li ght e xposure can cause pr int quality prob lems.

Note: Y ou can use the pac king material from the ne w car tridge to ship the old cart ridge back to Le xmark f or recy cl in[ The car tridge clicks into place when correctly install ed. Regular t oner car tr idges without t his agr eement are al so a vailab le. Extended light e xposure can cause print quality prob lems. Note: Do not press the b utton on the pr int car tridge assemb ly. Place the print car tridge assembly on a flat, clean surf ace. The car tridge clic ks into place when correct ly instal led.


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