Sleeping Beauty and the Beast reinvents and seamlessly intertwines the classic fairy tales Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. As with many romance books, the main conflict between the hero and heroine was based on a big misunderstanding. Read this ebook here: Lists with This Book. Danielle Carmichael held no expectations to make a suitable match and happily accepted her fate as a spinster. Lrd book does not do that; for this fact alone I am very pleased!

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Shelves: ashlyn-montgomery This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Ashlyn Montgomerys debut and only historical romance, Lord Beast , quite baffled me. I had enjoyed quite a bit of it, while wanted to stomp my feet in frustration in some other. There were plot holes, dialogues that sounded too modern to be called Regency and unbelievable situations that shouldve irritated me. However, it didnt. Danielle is not a classical beauty. Danielle, or Dani as her closest people call her, is short, rather plump and all in all plain to look at.

Her father died early and then her mother had bouts of depression. Dani, being the only child, was left to take care of her mother who was never much of a mother to begin with. Even though she survived but barely as her back was injured. But it seems Dani is made of sterner stuff and a wee bit on the fluffy side, so it seems nothing ever weighs her down.

At least not that much. Dani has been living her quite elderly, distant relatives ever since her mother committed suicide. Life has no prospect apart living with the Smiths as long as she can It was one of those nights when she was having trouble falling asleep that Dani saw light on a faraway castle called Falmouth.

No one has since laid claim on it. However, when she notices the light, instantly Dani decides she needs to investigate the matter. I mean seriously girl?!

This is what I mentioned about being unbelievable However, the following scenes were quite funny so I instantly forgot about it. It was like a small puppy trying to nip at a big dog. He was once gorgeous and women fell at his feet. He was a bastard er, literally and came into his title quite unexpectedly. That made him titled and rich too. The perfect combination for both hot widows and actresses and the mamas with marriageable daughters to hound him wherever he went.

He chose extremely beautiful women as his mistresses, and no less. It was his big mouth that got him into trouble with an unfortunate debutante possessing an overweight body and vindictive nature. Oh how the mighty had fallen! Rhys is still bitter about it but 5 yrs have mellowed his temper.

At least regarding that incident. He has deliberately let the gossip loose on his fictional demise. He wanted to just fade away so that no one from his previous circle could find him, only a few trustworthy people knowing the truth. Simply because of that he was now living in it. He despised that piece of junk who ruined his mother, never married her and left them in utter poverty.

He hated that outwardly he resembled the man to a fault and maybe even inherited a certain amount of his vile temperament. Now what is this little trouble doing at his doorstep in the middle of the night? Danielle is nothing at all like the women he was used to but her honesty and innocence caught him so completely that Rhys had no idea what to do about it. It was downright funny to watch those two biker and nip at each-other. I was quite entertained.

On their second day of meeting, when Dani took food with her, her injured back took another thump as Rhys tried to push her away. He was being his grumpy self, but the whole thing was completely unintentional. But when it kept her abed the next day and night, hence her absence, he begins to grow impatient and concerned. And OMG, he was maybe missing her too!

His ever-sarcastic, bolder-than-he-should-be butler certainly found it entertaining. Oh how wonderful! Rhys on the other hand was trying to justify his yearning for Dani with loneliness, forced celibacy etc. But he knew deep inside that this was more than that. And because he was so convinced, he was also pushing Dani away a lot, hurting her in the process. The first part of the story was quite fun but the second part had those feet stomping moments.

I was looking for a story between her and her now-husband Gabriel but there was none. Victoria could be annoying at times but largely tolerable. Gabriel was more interesting and completely besotted with his wife. Dani is a bit hurt because very recently, again, Rhys has kissed her like a madman, then became rude, cold and distant… again. After a few of incidents, a kiss in the picture gallery of Falmouth, somehow Dani and Rhys find themselves engaged to be married.

Even though Rhys thought it was a bad idea, he had then had the time to mull things over. He wanted her with himself always so marriage could be the only solution to this dilemma. When it seemed things were looking up for them, the vindictive debutante, whom Rhys cut all those years ago, returns to make trouble.

It was such a downer for the otherwise fun, even-if-a-bit-unbelievable-at-times story. Then this happens! How could he trust that woman I have NO idea! The rest of the story was rather ruined for me because of it. It took an accident for our numbnuts to come to his senses. I was this close to kicking his own nuts! Loved it! I saw potentials in the author in her Julia Quinn-esque fun and fluffy style.


Lord Beast- Ashlyn Montgomery



Lord Beast






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