Engines What Everybody Needs Ever looked in your owners manual to see how to work something on you car, truck, atv, bulldozer, etc.? Ever looked in a Hot Rod magazine to read an article on your car? Ever looked at the service guide at a car dealership to see what needed maintenance when? All those documents and more are available for the Mule!!!! When I work on any vehicle, I like to have the manuals with me. I do the same with the Mule.

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You can own a piece of American History! The M A5 has been going up in value and is becoming a desirable collectIble and a worthwhile investment, as the supply has been shrinking, and the demand has been increasing. As we have been upgrading our manufacturing and restoration facilities, our latest tools and machinery allow us to restore each vehicle to beautiful craftsmanship. Therefore, we have been on a quest for mule parts all across America.

We have searched them, found them and purchased them. Our extensive Parts Inventory has multiplied. Our parts are kept on hand only to serve you better and faster. Some of them are currently being designed and tested, and some of them are soon to be released. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to assert our dedication to our customers.

We are very proud and honored to serve you, and we remain at your disposal for your further mule needs. Best regards, Mechanical Mules of America, Inc. We believe that we are the only full time military mule rebuilding facility left in the world. Our mules are complete mules as released by USMC. They are not created out of used parts and they are very low hour mules.

Our mules were put into "moth ball" by the Military. Therefore, when you buy a Military Mule from us, you are its first civilian owner. Each engine is removed from the mule and installed on a test stand, where it is checked. A new carburetor and a fuel pump are installed on each and every engine, as well as any other necessary parts needed to bring the mule to its original optimal performance.

If you are interested in World War II.


TM 9-2320-246-20 - M274 Mule manual

Engines Foreword Thank goodness for those dedicated loyalist who believe in restoring military vehicles to their as new condition. They are an important part of preserving both our past and memories of others. These vehicles were designed, built, maintained, cursed and used sometimes abused by our fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends and on and on. The Mule is another part of our military history and kudos to those who painstakingly pay attention to detail so it may be remembered as such. That being said, this site is not about restoring a Mule. Instead, it is about using, maintaining and enhancing one.


Buyers Guide: M274 "Mule" 1/2-ton truck


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