Nobody Greater Piano tutorial This Nobody Greater piano tutorial breaks down the piano chords and bass lines of this very popular inspirational song by VaShawn Mitchell. When the pastor at my church calls weekly to have me learn a new song for praise and worship on sunday I usually already know it or in most cases it is a simple repetitive chord sequence as in "How Great is our God" or many of the other easy to sing and play songs. When he called to have me learn Nobody Greater I said sure no problem and hung up the phone to take a listen to the recording of the song live which you can hear in the video below. While I could hear the changes in the verses fairly easily, the bridge was another story.

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Thru these mountains, god is showing me that there is no problem to big that he cannot handle. Seek him while he can be found inside or urself.

For the filler to the empty feeling inside of us. We search everywhere, in people, places, and things. We can search forever. But you will find no one, or nothing to compare to god and his love.

And its always there no matter how far we go. Or how much we mess up. To hold us and let us know that what we have been searching for all along. Is in him. He is the only way to satisfy the longing inside of you. But you must allow him. Add your reply 0 Unregistered No matter where we look for love and comfort there is noone to be compare to him. He is the great I am.

Fairest of ten tousand when friends and family fail or forsake you he is there. You can call upon him in the darkest of nights and he would be there. At the end it does matter how for we run his arms are wide open waiting to receive us. He is great. Greater than anything in our life. Add your reply View -2 more meanings Write about your feelings and thoughts about Nobody Greater Know what this song is about?

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Worship Medley: Nobody Greater/Name Above All Names/Our God



Vashawn Mitchell - Nobody Greater Lyrics


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