Zulutaxe There a number of different ways to do this. Measure Flow Priming Kanban 49 Try to avoid having a particular place on the board for blocked items. Karl Metivier marked it as to-read Feb 24, Visualize your workflow Priming Kanban 25 When you have managed to visualize your workflow and spent a few weeks observing your system you are ready to proceed to the next step — limiting WIP. Figure 3 shows an example from a real project. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

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Jesper recommends Kanban to teams that experience following workflow problems: struggling to get Agile, doing it with not much or no success, needing to make your process more flexible and in a gradual way. The 10 steps, that Boeg recommends we take are: 1. Visualization also helps identify waste. Limiting Work In Progress: Deciding on how many items each team member can work on at one time tends to raise the quality, cut out multitasking reduce waste caused by context switching and improve the cycle time.

Set up quality assurance policies: Quality can and should be monitored and facilitated at all stages of the process.

Making sure that a correct, explicit policy for dealing with issues is in place also ensures high quality of work throughout. Measure flow: Following the measurements is key to recognizing improvement opportunities and stopping any impediments. Define classes of service: Make an effort to decide on what types of tasks will come across your board and ensure that color-coding is being followed. This way you stand a chance of getting a better overview of the work to do.

Manage flow: Once your board is set, this is by no means the end of paying attention. Establish service level agreements: This part is crucial, if you want to be respected and taken seriously by your customers. Since you now have a stable pull system, by following the metrics, you should be able to advertise your delivery rates to the potential clientele. Focus on continuous improvement: Arguably the hardest and the most vital part of Agility. Without this, you are not doing Kanban.

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Priming Kanban: A 10 Step Guide to Optimizing Flow in your Software Delivery System


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