It was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and won three. Cladwell as well as Amy Spanger as Hope Cladwell. Louis, MO in The Sydney season retained the principal cast from Melbourne, with the exception of David Campbell taking over the role of Bobby. James Theatre in April , [8] transferred to the Apollo Theatre in September , [9] ended its run on 3 January

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It was nominated for 10 Tony Awards and won three. Cladwell as well as Amy Spanger as Hope Cladwell. Louis, MO in The Sydney season retained the principal cast from Melbourne, with the exception of David Campbell taking over the role of Bobby.

James Theatre in April , [8] transferred to the Apollo Theatre in September , [9] ended its run on 3 January History[ edit ] Greg Kotis had the idea for Urinetown while traveling in Europe.

A traveling student on a budget, he encountered a pay toilet , and began writing shortly thereafter, joining with Mark Hollmann for the journey to Broadway. Initially, no production companies were interested in optioning the musical, but finally the Neo-Futurists , an experimental theatre group from Chicago , agreed to produce Urinetown for their — season.

Kotis, his wife, and original cast member Spencer Kayden belonged to the group. Playwright David Auburn , a friend of Kotis and Hollmann, came to see the show and immediately called production company The Araca Group.

The company optioned the musical and it opened Off Broadway at the American Theatre for Actors, transferring to Broadway in September Originally planned to open on September 13, the show contained several references which, after the September 11 attacks , would prove offensive.

Ultimately, only one line was removed from the script, and the show opened September 20, According to Lockstock and Little Sally, a twenty-year drought has caused a terrible water shortage, making private toilets unthinkable.

All restroom activities are done in public toilets controlled by a megacorporation [11] called " Urine Good Company" or UGC. To control water consumption, people have to pay to use the amenities "Too Much Exposition". There are harsh laws ensuring that people pay to urinate, and if the laws are broken, the offender is sent to a penal colony called "Urinetown", never to return.

The oppressed masses huddle in line at the poorest, filthiest urinal in town, Public Amenity 9, which is run by the rigid, harshly authoritarian Penelope Pennywise and her assistant, dashing young everyman Bobby Strong.

By way of introduction, the UGC staff sing a song in praise of their chief "Mr. Officers Lockstock and Barrel discuss the journey to Urinetown and how it reduces everyone, even the toughest, to screams "The Cop Song". Hope enters and encounters Bobby Strong. Hope tells Bobby that the only answer is to follow his heart.

The two realize that they both want a new world where the people can be happy and pee for free, and united by their belief, fall in love "Follow Your Heart". Little Sally asks Officer Lockstock what Urinetown is like, but Lockstock replies that its power lies in its mystery and he cannot flippantly reveal that "there is no Urinetown, we just kill people", and that the reveal will not come until Act II, "with everybody singing and things like that.

McQueen, announces the new fee hikes set upon the urinals. Bobby concludes that the laws are wrong. Opening the doors of the urinal, despite Ms.

Pennywise rushes to the offices of UGC, where she informs Cladwell of the revolution. The two give each other long, meaningful looks, but they are interrupted by the situation at hand. Cladwell vows to crush the rebellion, frightening Hope. Bobby realizes that the only way out of the trap is to kidnap Hope to use as leverage against Cladwell. The rebel poor escape with Hope as their hostage. The police give chase, but the slow-motion choreography makes it impossible for the police to catch them.

Lockstock vows to catch the poor as he tells the audience to enjoy intermission "Act I Finale". Act II[ edit ] Lockstock welcomes everyone back. He catches the audience up on the situation, and tells them that the rebel poor are holed up in a secret hideout somewhere, gesturing to a large sign that reads "Secret Hideout. Cladwell orders Lockstock to search harder for the rebels, threatening that he will send everyone to Urinetown if Hope is not found.

Bobby and his mother Josephine hand out memos to the other Assistant Custodians in hope that they will join them. Bobby is sure that Urinetown is nothing but a lie designed to keep the poor people in fear. She escapes before Lockstock can ask her what "metaphysical" means.

They are about to kill her when Bobby bursts in and reminds the rebels that their purpose is more than just revenge. He explains that he made a promise that all the people of the land would be free.

One of the rebels reminds Bobby that the only words he said were "Run, everybody, run for your lives, run. Invigorated, the poor rally around Bobby, but balk at his statement that the violent fight could take decades. Just then, Pennywise bursts into the secret hideout telling Bobby that Cladwell wants him to come to the UGC headquarters. Bobby goes, but only after being reminded by the impatient rebels that if anything happens to him, Hope will be killed.

Pennywise fiercely swears that if any of the rebels harm Hope, she will have Bobby sent off to Urinetown. Bobby says goodbye to Hope, apologizes, and tells her to think of what they have "Follow Your Heart - Reprise". At the UGC headquarters, Bobby is offered a suitcase full of cash and full amnesty to the rebels as long as Hope is returned and the people agree to the new fee hikes.

Bobby refuses, and demands free access for the people. Cladwell orders the cops to escort Bobby to Urinetown—even if it means that the rebel poor will kill Hope. Cladwell has her arrested as well. Bobby regrets having ever listened to his heart. His last words encourage the rebels "to fight for what they know is right," and that "the time is always now.

The poor reel back, shocked by this unexpected twist. Hope convinces the rebels to let her lead them, and she, Penny, and the poor march to the offices of UGC. Hope reveals to her father that she is still alive. Cladwell is overjoyed, until the rest of the poor reveal themselves.

Cladwell pleads to the people that he is their only chance at seeing tomorrow, but it is no use. Cladwell is led to the roof, shouting that he regrets nothing, and however cruel he might have been, he "kept the pee off the street and the water in the ground. With the town at peace at last, the age of fear is over and the people look forward to a bright new day.

The Urine Good Company is renamed "The Bobby Strong Memorial Toilet Authority" and the people are henceforth allowed "to pee whenever they like, as much as they like, for as long as they like, and with whomever they like" "I See A River".

It is insinuated that Hope suffers a terrible death at the hand of the people for her actions in depleting the water supply, but the remaining townsfolk will wage on, their town now quite like the imaginary "Urinetown" with which they had been threatened for years. Note: Below are the principal casts of all official major productions of the musical.


Urinetown Script

Urinetown synopsis Urinetown Synopsis - Broadway musical The near future. The human activity has led to water shortages. People live in cities and are forced to visit only the public toilets to relieve themselves. The life of the population depends on the decisions of the toilet authorities. Everyone has to pay for the natural needs; if he is unable to do this — he forcibly send to Urinetown. What is happening there — is not known.





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