Add to cart The Protectorate of Menoth Devout worshippers of Menoth, the Creator, the people of the Protectorate forged the newest of the Iron Kingdoms out of the tyranny of religious oppression. Secret warjack depots send new and improved chassis into the world, while freshly recruited zealots armed from hidden weapons stashes muster to join the front. Their religion has adherents across the region, and the call to war has caused these believers to turn on their former sovereigns. Warcasters Warjacks Warriors Warcasters The Iron Kingdoms are populated by rare individuals who possess incredible arcane talents in addition to unmatched combat skills. Even more important, they can mentally command and channel their power through the most devastating weapons of war—warjacks. Each warcaster possesses an arsenal of weapons tailored to his personal fighting style as well as a unique combination of spells and skills.

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The nation itself is not unimpeachable or always morally correct, but its characters are clearly protagonists. Even when taking a darker turn, they always have a core of moral fiber, etc. If Han Solo is the most evil member of your crew, you are the good guys. Cygnar is the most advanced human nation; they tend to shoot things with guns, hurt things with lightning, or hurt things by shooting them with lightning guns.

The other factions may not like each other much either, but Cygnar is basically in the middle of them all. Their advanced understanding of magic and mechanics is reflected in that they have most of the best ranged weapons in the game, are best known for their Lightning attack type, and play less aggressively than most other factions though they do still have some powerful melee models, which almost always have ranged attacks as well.

They, like Khador, are generally considered one of the best factions for starting players. Cryx [ edit ] If Cygnar are the good guys, Cryx is unashamedly the faction of bad guys. In a world of moral grays, they paint with the deepest blacks.

Due to his concern about them ganging up on him, he spends his days sitting around doing nothing while claiming everything is going Just As Planned. Cryx is an interesting evil army, composed of pirates, undead pirates, ghost warriors, heavily armored liches, and demonic mutant witches. Their army is generally the fastest, cheapest, and largest on the table, and also hits like a ton of bricks.

As such, Cryx is one of the hardest armies for new players to make proper use of. Still, if utilized properly, Cryx can punch through almost any defense and savage the enemy warnoun before they can blink. Khador [ edit ] Leave heroes and villains to Cygnar and Cryx. Khador is unconcerned with such things.

Military might, honor, and love of the Motherland are all that matter in the cold, frozen north. Cries of "For the Motherland", red banners, gold triangle-stars, frigid bitches, and beardy berserkers personify Khador.

Despite the fact that most newbies think of Khador as the guys with the biggest, stompiest warjacks, Khador is almost exclusively a dedicated infantry faction.

Khador warjacks are durable, and they do hit like a goddamn steam train in melee, but they are also slow, expensive, inaccurate, and extremely focus-hungry in a faction known for its focus-hungry warcasters. Fortunately, to make up for this, Khadoran infantry are some of the best in the game.

They are durable, reliable, mobile, and pack an incredible punch for their price. Whatever the job, Khador has an infantry unit that will do it with style. Need a squad of elite shocktroopers in steam-powered armor ripped from a warjack chassis and wielding weapons that will make even the hardest targets sweat?

Heavy infantry stalling your advance? The Widowmaker snipers are on the job; watch those heads go pop! Need an army of screaming psychopaths charging across the field to decapitate your foes? No problem! We have Doom Reavers for that. Just need some reliable, flexible, reasonably shooty infantry to swamp a point and hold it against all comers through sheer weight of numbers? The Winter Guard have your back. And, no matter the squad, Khador has the buffs to make them into a true terror on the tabletop.

Because of the reliability, simplicity, and flexibility of their infantry, as well as the straightforward way their warjacks function, Khador is, like Cygnar, considered a great faction for new players. Protectorate of Menoth [ edit ] Worshipers of Menoth, the god of civilization and mankind; who is kind of an asshole. The Church of Menoth began falling out with Cygnar about a thousand years ago, since a more benign god named Morrow began gaining favor. While the two churches were able to coexist for hundreds of years, relations between them eventually turned sour, especially because the then-king of Cygnar favored Morrow.

Eventually, the Menite church got sick of his shit, wandered off into the desert, discovered petroleum, and endured even more oppression under Vinter Raelthorne IV before the Cygnarans also got sick of his shit and voted him out of office in the traditional feudal manner: with a military coup. The chaos resulting from this allowed the theocracy to form its own quasi-legal nation: the Protectorate of Menoth. Technically speaking, the Protectorate is not allowed to have a military, which the Protectorate actually adhered to during its early years, but has lately began to ignore.

On the tabletop, the Protectorate is all about synergy. Menite armies field the best support units in the game, which take their other units from "decent" to "oh my fuck what". Menite armies also have a decidedly Ottoman Empire motif, with a dash of Spanish Inquisition thrown in for good measure. As non-divine magic is considered heresy by the Menite church, Protectorate armies have a lot of ways to counteract it.

Dispel magic abounds, as do plenty of other denial-focused abilities which will put a serious crimp in the style of any opponent. Retribution of Scyrah [ edit ] Being an elf sucks. Then the bridge works, but also explodes and wipes out pretty much your entire civilization, so instead of hanging out and partying with your gods you have to pack up and move next to some dwarven hicks.

Then, when they go back, something kills them all, and things just keep getting worse until, one day, the goddess of spring just turns up out of nowhere, wanders into her temple, and then goes into a fucking coma while dying slowly and with no one having a goddamn clue how to fix her.

So when someone says "hey, did anyone else notice how the day the gods died was also the day humans discovered arcane magic? Retribution units have a very distinct visual design, with a notably sleek, curvy, anime-esque look, complete with neon hair. Most of their army tends to consist of highly specialized, elite units with clearly-defined roles, without much in the way of generalist infantry.

They also have an abundance of options for assassin units, up to and including entire units of ninja elf infantry with magic crossbows. The Retribution has fantastic infantry and solos all around. On the other hand, Retribution warjacks and warcasters are generally not too fantastic. Its warjacks called "myrmidons" are mobile, but fragile, and require a lot of backup to be effective.

Its warcasters tend to be utility-based rather than individual powerhouses, and exist largely as sources of buffs for their infantry. Convergence of Cyriss [ edit ] The Convergence is a cult dedicated to the worship of Cyriss the Machine Goddess, the personification of logic, order, science, and mathematical perfection. Pfft, like any woman god could be close to understanding those things, amirite guyz? They have taken the technology used to make the artificial brains used in warjacks and applied it to themselves, uploading their consciousness into machine bodies in order to become closer to her.

The reason this is bad is that the places they need to build temples on are the places major cities or temples crop up on, that other factions want to use for various reasons, and in doing so are going to piss off the Wyrm to the point that he destroys all sapient life on the planet when he arrises from Urcaen in a rage about the leylines IE: Him being fucked with.

Also, the last time gods were summoned into Caen, the bridge between worlds exploded, splitting continent in half, which also should be considered. The Convergence is the absolute weirdest faction in all of Warmachine, and comes with a slew of special rules that make it play completely differently from anything else on the tabletop.

To start with, they are a limited release faction, having only 1 model ever released for them after their initial run and no access to mercenaries at all.

In , a Convergence player went all the way to the grand finals of the Warmahordes championships with a list consisting almost entirely of vectors, and only lost due to running out of time on the clock. The faction does have some nice infantry, though, if the player wants to field a warcaster with lower combat stats and not have to sit there crying while every attack misses.

Basically, the Convergence is very, very strange, but not at all weak. They rely heavily on special effects like Fire or Corrosion and a good bit of mobility. Imagine Gorman di Wulfe as an entire faction and you have it about right. Infernals [ edit ] Infernals hail beyond the afterlife of Urcean, seeking to claim the debt that was promised by Thamar for the gift of magic to mortals. The Old Witch, Zevanna Agha, had been working to keep them at bay. She went so far as to release the Legendary Defiers and mythical Grymkin to buy herself and the world more time.

Of course even those measures where not enough, only prolonging the inevitable invasion. Infernals have possibly the most unique mechanical rules for any faction. Unique to them is that they can summon horrors their version of Warjacks mid battle, allowing them a degree of flexibility unobtainable with other factions.

Mercenaries [ edit ] Mercenary models were initially meant to be auxiliaries available to multiple factions rather than an army unto themselves. Due to their popularity, Privateer Press has since released rules for fielding pure Mercenary forces. These range from dwarves in powered armour, fielding the O. Basically, when playing Mercenaries, you pick a theme and, and then go as normal. The only restrictions are that dwarven warjacks must be controlled by dwarven warcasters, and Cephalyx Monstrosities must be controlled by their Overseers.

You are now able to mix and match any merc beyond those restrictions. Note, however, that the dwarves in this universe are not Scottish, because the Trollbloods are already Scottish. It is generally agreed that the dwarves in Warmachine have a New Zealand accent. Has a focus on dirty tricks rather than straight-up brawling, also has a "human resources" approach to super-buffing its infantry.

Talion Charter: Pirates. Lots of pirates. How many pirates can you imagine? There are more than that. Also, a peg-legged Napoleon dwarf. Also, a fuckhueg cannon that is easily the best damn artillery piece in the entire game if you manage to get anything in its line of sight. This group is all about synergy with their units, which on their own are the worst in the game.

Trollbloods [ edit ] Scottish Orks , and also the good guys of Warmahordes. The Trollbloods are a dying race, as the superior technology of nations like Cygnar and Khador is continually pushing them to the borders of habitable land, and they lack the resources to build warjacks themselves. On the other hand, what they do have are some seriously fucking scary relatives, so now that the fate of the species is on the line, the trolls have united and called in the inbred redneck cousins as backup - only, in this case, the redneck cousins in question are basically walking mountains that could flatten a building with one hand.

They drink, fight, and basically just brawl their way through the world, trying to establish a homeland for themselves, and only occasionally eating someone. Hardly anyone, these days. No one important, anyway.

The key word here is tough. Trollblood models can take a stupid amount of punishment. Most of them are Tough as in the mechanic , on top of having ridiculous amounts of health boxes and high ARM. They will also kick the ever-loving shit out of anything they reach in melee, because they are pissed off, drunk as shit, Scottish, and also Orks.


Warmachine: Officially Licensed Menoth Zones

In the decades following its inception, various leaders have slowly amassed a secret army under the guise of this defense force more or less under the watchful eye of their neighbors. Every Sul-Menite is expected to be ready for the call to arms, and it is their holy duty to prepare. The laws of Menoth far outweigh those of any mortal king. In the beginning, the Hierarchs and the Synod were training their people in hidden facilities. Under cover of night, in unmapped caverns, and behind hidden walls, Sul-Menites learned how to fight. Weapons and ammunition were stockpiled and tucked away in caches known only to high-ranking clergy. It became a surge of the devout, a holy tide of soldiers streaming in from all directions.




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